With 2016 well underway, now could be the ideal time to put your finances into perspective and take control of your spending. Although you may have found it difficult to cut your costs in the past, this handy guide could help you save big this year.

  1. Shop around for better insurance deals

Between your home, car and life insurance, you could be forking out much more than you need to for financial cover. While these policies are important, you don’t need to be spending a fortune to make sure you’re fully protected. For example, if you tend to let your home insurance policy roll over into a new contract year after year, this could be costing you big. Instead, you should shop around for a better deal when your renewal is due. You could use a broker website like Chill Insurance to review and compare policies and prices from a whole host of different providers to find cover this is both suitable and affordable for you.

  1. Cut your energy costs

Reducing your energy costs is a great way to save yourself some money, and it’s possible to do this in a variety of ways. For instance, you could make an effort to turn off lights when they’re not needed, switch your regular bulbs to LED versions and make sure your electronics, such as your TV, are turned off at the plug when they’re not in use. While these tricks are simple, they can be highly effective, and putting them into practice could leave you with some extra cash in the bank.

On a slightly larger scale, you could switch your kitchen appliances for more efficient models and you could make a conscious effort to use some of your devices, such as your dishwasher and tumble dryer, less in an attempt to cut your energy consumption. You could even go for more long-term solutions, such as replacing your boiler, getting loft or wall insulation and installing double-glazing. Making changes like these could save you money year after year.

  1. Finetune your lifestyle choices

By simply finetuning your lifestyle choices, you could stand to save significantly. From taking your own homemade lunch to work to cancelling magazine subscriptions, there are a range of small yet worthwhile cuts you can make which should help you reduce your spending. Moreover, you could try switching up your food shopping, ditching branded products in favour of shops’ own cheaper versions instead. You could also cut back on dining out, saving your trips to your favourite restaurants for special occasions. Through making a few lifestyle changes, you should find you’re able to make your money go further.

Taking note of these handy hints and tips could help you save big throughout 2016 and beyond.