Going through a divorce can be an upsetting experience for everyone involved and it can be especially tough if you have a child. If you’re going through a situation like this, keep reading for a few tips on how you can help your child manage during this potentially confusing and distressing time.


As a parent, you may be inclined to avoid discussing the separation with your children and if they are particularly young, you might think they wouldn’t understand anyway. However, children can be extremely perceptive and choosing to keep information from them could end up causing them more harm than good. Even if your kid is very young, they may still be able to pick up on emotions, so it’s only fair to explain the situation to them in a clear and simple way that they will understand.

Minimise conflict

It’s also important to keep any conflict with your partner to a minimum for the sake of your kids. Arguing with your spouse in front of your youngsters can cause emotional damage. If you’re struggling to be amicable with your partner, you might want to consider family mediation. This is a service that can help couples make decisions about their children, as well as other issues like money and property. You may wish to get advice and information about the mediation process from a specialist lawyer. If you do, it’s wise to ensure you choose a local legal expert who you can contact and visit easily. For example, if you are from central London, you might want to look into using a firm that specialises in family law in Finchley or the surrounding area. If local, your representative should be able to offer you advice when you need it most.


During this difficult time, it can be easy to be caught up in your divorce proceedings, making sure everything is going to plan. Although you may be busy and preoccupied, it’s crucial that you are available to listen if your child wants to talk. Your youngster may just want reassurance or an answer to a question they have, so it’s vital that you’re open, honest and offer a clear channel of communication. Instead of disregarding your child’s interests, make sure that you’re there for them at all times. It would be unfair if your decision to separate from your partner means that your child’s worries and concerns get overlooked.


For any child, having their parents divorce is an extremely upsetting time. Your child may experience a whole array of different emotions during this turbulent period. You may notice that they are often teary, angry and disappointed, so offering your comfort and support is a must. It’s important that you don’t downplay their sadness though. Remind your child that it’s perfectly normal for them to feel this way right now, however you should also reassure them that it will get easier and less painful over time.

While there isn’t a right or wrong way to help your child through a divorce, putting some of these suggestions into practice could make the process easier for both them and you as a parent.