We don’t all have hundreds of hours a month to put into our fitness regime. And on top of all of that, we don’t possess the space to build a home gym. However, there is plenty we can do to ensure that our home fitness work is useful and productive, and all it takes is a little effort on choosing the right workouts and the right basic equipment.

If you get the perfect combination, you’re looking at a home gym that won’t take over the place, and is also cost-effective. In fact, you can hire a lot of equipment these days, making home gym work incredibly inexpensive too. Take a look at Hire Fitness for example; they are also available in Ireland from http://www.hire-fitness.ie/.

Variety is key

Your first real aim is to choose a variety of exercises, whatever you do. So if you’re looking at pure cardio work, just ensure you get a lot of different exercises and plenty of variety into it. For example, a simple skipping rope is a great basic piece, and you can also purchase a basic exercise cycle for excellent cardio benefits. As long as you have a number of different things in place so that you are developing variety and fun in your routine you will not only benefit a body that needs a good mix, but you will also stay motivated too as things are generally changing all the time.

When you have spent a few weeks in a routine that has included mainly cardio work, you could take things a little further and start looking at including weights. You can focus on buying smaller weights to start off with, for example kettle bells or something similar. These can then be built up as much as you need them to be, and the best thing is they don’t take up a lot of space. As you develop your skills and abilities, consider buying bigger set ups. It can only help with your fitness.

Simple exercises

If you’re looking at bringing in variety to your workout, adding simple exercises that build strength without weights perfectly complements the purchasing of weights. For example, you can try some sit ups that build in upper body strength and core strength on a very simple basis, with even ten a day being very beneficial to the average person.

Planks are also an excellent way to build in that core strength. They offer plenty of opportunity to build in strength while also not having to worry too much about equipment. If you want to add more to planks, consider light weights on your back.

Plenty of variety allows you to get the most out of a home workout. If you try and do one thing all the time you will get nowhere with home workouts. And on top of that, it will also become monotonous, which is a surefire way to kill any motivation you may have built up.