You’ve tried aquarobics, zumba and pilates. None of them are really for you but you’re determined to get in shape by working out. If you need inspiration as to the hottest work out trends of the year that really get your heart pumping and your muscles in shape, here’s a selection of what to look out for when booking classes at the gym.

Boutique Fitness Camps

For those who don’t want to spend their time at large boot camps or gyms, the emerging trend is for a phenomenon known as boutique fitness. The emphasis is on small groups taking part in personalised and specific classes such as spinning, group sessions on rowing machines or heading off to a bootcamp with just a few others.

Attending a specialist studio means members can focus on working on certain aspects of their fitness and it’s very popular with women who want to gain body strength but don’t want to resort to using lots of weights. It means the trainers can really help each person with their individual needs but it’s still a group experience. It’s one of the most popular ways to train in New York at the moment.


There’s been an incredible shift in the popularity of yoga over the last 5 years or so and there are now classes in many different styles all aimed at increasing flexibility and inner wellness.

It’s certainly a work out which can leave you sweating and breathless –  many have very intense positions associated with them so if you’re a beginner it’s wise to take advice from the experts before signing up. Popular style of yoga this year include:

  • Power Yoga
  • Hatha
  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa

Something Unusual

There are some trends that you may miss, because you never thought about it. One of them right now is sex toys for women and men. It will help you relief some stress and also it is known fact that this kind of exercises that you do with it will help you with your training as well. It is very easy to order sex toys online these days. So try it for yourself.

Cardio Tennis

Hot on the heels of boxercise and spinning is the new must try workout of cardio tennis. It’s a set of tennis based drills and exercises set to up tempo music. It’s not about improving backhand technique but more about a fun social event with a tennis theme. Burning 600 calories an hour, it is even more hard work than playing a regular match and is for those who may not have the skills on court but want to take part in an associated workout.

Seen on Screen

For those who want to learn the  routines to famous video dances  such as those shown by Beyonce in ‘Crazy in Love’, there are now classes which combine high energy exercise with learning dance moves. In addition, the environment is often much more than a dance studio as glamour is part of the package with features such as nightclub spot lights and wind or smoke machines taking this trend way past just a dance workout.

Seen on Screen (also known as Girlboss) is particularly aimed at women who are bored with the treadmill or more traditional workout classes and want to have fun, raise their self-esteem and know they can dance – more or less – like a superstar.