We live in an age where technology has revolutionized our lives, and it’s made things easier for us. It has brought together the millions of people together to communicate without a delay of a second. Our generation is the first to use this evolving technology, and most of us are unaware of the harms that come along with its benefits. The devices that can help in your child’s mental growth can be fatal if not used carefully. Excess of anything is dangerous, and in this case, technology can be hazardous. Many severe medical conditions may arise due to excessive exposure to the screens, which might potentially require help from therapists in the long run. The screen can be of your television, mobile devices, computer, or gaming consoles. Whatever the source is, it’s dangerous for you and the people around you.

Many physical and mental health problems arise due to over screening, and along with these problems, other corresponding illnesses may occur too. That’s not all, these electronic devices emit harmless radiations, but if a person is exposed for a more extended period, they can be harmful too. The blue light from the screens is harmful to your eyes and for mental health also. Some physical and mental related problems that occur due to excessive screen time are as follows:

Effect on Mental health

Stress, depression, insomnia, and change in behavior are leading issues that can be caused by excessive screen time. When we spend most of our time exposed to the harmful blue light of our screens, it may seem like it does not put any effect on our mental health, but it’s some adverse side effects. These problems may start with a subtle headache, but if it’s ignored, it can lead to permanent stress. Forehead ache, straining of eyes, and tiredness are some symptoms of it. If the exposure is prolonged or constant, it may affect your working efficiency and memory. Loss of sleep or disturbed sleeping routines can lead to further issues like upset digestion, physical tiredness, and changes in emotional behavior. Stress can make behavior aggressive and less patient.  

Effect on physical health

Over-screening affects your physical health in many different ways. Sitting for hours in a specific posture can lead to back pain, shoulder muscles, pain, and neck ache. When using handheld devices, it can lead to finger muscles, pain, swelling, and stiffness. It makes you physically tired that you may start avoiding your physical training sessions. For children, it may affect the growth of muscles and mental abilities. They might become weaker and lazy children. Moreover, so will the adults. Less physical activity makes you obese, and obesity comes with many illnesses. The effects of over screening cover people of all ages. If you’re a parent, we’ll advise you to use apps like Mspy to monitor your child’s activities on their device and limit their screen time.


In this era of technology, you can’t keep your children and yourself away from the tech. As it’s the necessity nowadays. So please use it with care and schedule your time on the devices. For children of age less than eight years old, you should restrict their screen time up to two hours maximum. It would be best if you kept yourself physically active to avoid many leading health problems. Many devices offer Night filter that reduces the blue light.