After seeing rising numbers of gift cards and big box stores over the last ten years, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of consumers are bucking that trend to seek out unique gifts. This has made personalised gifts the hottest trend for shopping this year.

Nothing says “I planned ahead this year” like a personalised gift. After a decade of last minute gift card purchases and Black Friday shopping, this year many shoppers began planning their holiday gift purchases before the end September. Fortunately, it has become quick and easy to order personalised items online. Now gift givers can get credit for planning ahead when they actually ordered only a few weeks before Christmas.

Combining Practical and Personal

The steadily improving economy throughout much of the world has increase the amount of money expected to be spent on holiday gift-giving in 2016. At the same time, the recent economic upturn has increased the focus on practical gifts.

Personalisation is an exciting trend because it transforms ordinary items into a special and unique gift. Parent and grandparents can make practical gifts like bath towels entertaining for children by adding the child’s name and even a cute design. Personalised towels and bathrobes can transform bath time from a battle of wills between children and caregivers to a fun time for all.

Personalised towel with child’s name and football cartoon

For the adults on your shopping list, including a custom embroidered logo of their favourite sport or hobby makes a robe or sport towel as special as they are. For extra points with your loved one, why not add “World’s Best Mum” or their nickname?

To those planning a beach holiday, personalised beach towels and cover-ups are the perfect gift. The holiday is practically guaranteed to go more smoothly once you eliminate the guesswork on whose towel is whose.

One Size Fits

This year savvy shoppers are also seeking to avoid potential hassle. Given busy schedules, no one wants the burden of trying decipher clothing sizing charts and returning clothing items that don’t fit. The is another advantage of practical items like customised towels which are one size fits all or bath robes and sarongs. For extending family, this is even more important since last year’s clothing sizes may no longer fit.

100% cotton robe with Captain Dad customised embroidery

By Any Other Name

With the increase in unusual baby names, the opportunity to put a child’s name on a gift is even more important. Thanks to you, little “Poppy” and “Freddie” can finally have their very own names proudly displayed. Plus, nothing says proud grandparent or favourite auntie better than giving a child an item with his or her name and favourite animal embroidered on it.

Furry Family

Gifts for pets continue to be a growing portion of the market and why shouldn’t they be? We enjoy showing off our furry babies, too. Tails will wag once they see their very own customised blankets and towels.