October is here, and with this month comes one of the scariest yet most awaited holiday, Halloween! The air is chilled and a touch of spookiness can be felt… So, you know it’s the correct time to be creative if you wish to win the award of the best costume at the Halloween event! If you are not feeling inspired yet, you don’t need to worry! There are some simple make up ideas which requires patience and some cosmetics. As for the costume, any outfit will do as these make up ideas goes with just any clothes!


On any outfit that you wear, the veins painted all over your face will make it look like the perfect Halloween costume! To start, you simply need to do a plain make up. After which, you can use black, green and blue eye liner to draw different lines all over your face. You need to start drawing thick lines from one point, and make it thinner as it goes. The use of these different coloured will make the veins look like real ones, thus creating the eerie feel. Once all the lines have been drawn, a light colour lipstick would be perfect- red or pink! But, you should apply the lipstick only to the upper and lower tips of your lips, so that it looks dry and spooky. For a more dreadful look, you can add some blood red veins on your neck. To get into the mood to draw these veins, you can inspire yourself from Blood Suckers slots or Immortal Romance slots. These online slots can be played at Spin and Win Casino, and is themed on the mythical vampires.

Rag Doll

Dressing up as a doll on Halloween might sound a bit too funny at first, but a creepy rag doll would certainly be creeping out your friends! This spooky makeup can be done both by the ladies and gents. To begin, you have to apply a light foundation on your face, and apply a pink or black eye shadow. The next step is to draw wing liners on both eyes, using a think eye liner. You can also shade your cheeks using pink blush, after which you have to draw small freckles on both cheeks. For the freckles to look eerie, use a while pencil to draw the in-bottom line, and make use of a black pencil for the outlines. Then, use a lipstick which matches the colour of your eye shadow to paint your lips. The final step is to use a black liner to sketch vertical lines or stitches on both ends of your lips. Before you do this makeup, you might want to check how it’s going to look… and you can do that by playing Grim Muerto slots at Spin and Win Casino. Themed on sugar skull costume, this slot game will guide you to the perfect Halloween make up!

Spider Web

Turn yourself into the webby woman or the webby man, this Halloween! A simple black dress or a tuxedo will be the perfect costume if you do this makeup. You can start by doing a casual makeup, with a very dark eye look. The preferable colours to be used are either grey or black, for a scarier look. Or you can as well try colours like red, purple or navy blue. Then using a black or red liner, you can draw spider webs on your face. The best spider web displays are the ones which goes all over your eyes or one just at the corner of an eye. Either way, this makeup will make you look all spooked up for the party! For the make up to look even more terrifying, you can use red liner or red lipstick to draw blood droplets on your face.