Traveling as a group (with family or friends) is much better, more enjoyable and memorable than going solo. But no matter the number, it is still very important to have you covered by a travel insurance. Just like the other products, buying more than one item usually cheaper as it gives us an opportunity to get special discounts such as when buying a group travel insurance.  

What is a group travel insurance?

This particular type of insurance is just like the regular travel insurance because it offers the same protection with the individual policy where one can specify the type of coverage desired as well as customize it to meet their individual needs. The only difference is that there is a discount when you buy a group travel insurance because insurers will offer a better price and the number of members usually determines the price that each member pays.

Some of the coverages that one can get with this type of travel insurance are:

  •    Trip cancellation coverage – you can have reimbursement for all costs when you have to cancel the trip for covered reasons such as financial default, illnesses, hurricanes, terrorism, etc.
  •    Evacuation coverage – this includes coordination and payment for evacuations (for example: to receive medical treatment elsewhere)
  •    Medical coverage – this includes payment for any emergency medical care as well as locating medical facilities when a member is injured or sick during the trip.
  •    Baggage coverage – this includes funds to replace your items that are lost, destroyed, stolen or delayed.
  •    Trip interruption coverage – this includes additional funds or reimbursement for emergency travel or unused trip costs due to a covered reason.
  •    Missed connection coverage – this includes a reimbursement when a traveler misses an important connection and needs an alternative travel arrangement.

Benefits of group travel insurance

Aside from being cheaper (because you can get a discount), purchasing a group travel insurance offers more benefits other than that, such as the following:

  •    Covers people up to 89 years’ old
  •    Trip duration of up to 18 months
  •    14-days money back guarantee
  •    Quick and very simple quote (either by the telephone or online)
  •    Covers for hazardous activities and pre-existing medical conditions

Scheduling mishaps can happen when you least expect it. With a tight tour schedule in which your group has to meet a specific scheduled departure, a delay or error can cost you a lot. But this case won’t be a problem when you’re covered with a group travel insurance. In addition to that, this particular type of travel insurance is much more cost-effective when you are traveling with children or seniors as they are far more likely to be ill, get injured and need medical attention which, most of the time, is very expensive.

When buying for a group travel insurance, always make sure that there are no limitations that would leave you or your member vulnerable. Though it is cheaper than the individual policy, make sure that you have enough protection individually. Knowing that you are covered makes traveling even more worthwhile.