With the rapid growth of consumerism, you can’t be at fault for going to a fast-food chain or restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Even if you convince yourself that it’s only every once in a while, you might catch yourself spending one too many dinners ordering food that you didn’t make. Though some restaurants do serve fresh ingredients, not all of them serve organic good.

If you’re looking for a healthier change in your diet, you might want to start researching dishes to cook on your own. Eating at home will not just save you the expense of eating out but will also expand your cooking library. If you’re a fan of cheesy dishes, then you might as well go the extra mile to buy organic cheese instead of commercially processed cheeses.

Processed Cheese

Every avid cheese lover knows that there is a wide variety of cheeses to find. Besides their flavour, the different types of this dairy product vary in how they’re made.

But we’re not dealing with the difference between cheese spread and sliced cheese. The main difference when it comes to dealing with the healthier option is between processed and organic cheese. Processed cheese has emulsifiers, which contribute to keeping both fatty and healthy ingredients blended. The emulsifiers aren’t necessarily toxic to your body as they do hold together the resulting cheese if ever a dish requires them to be in melted form.

Potential harm to the body

Though processed cheese is used in different types of dishes, it’s not always the healthiest choice. Processed cheese, as its name suggests, may include food colouring, additives, and food preservatives to have a longer shelf life compared to organic cheese. Manufacturers make the most out of the artificially produced cheese by selling it at lower prices and the variability it has in being used to add flavour and texture to different meals.

Organic cheese

Natural cheese can be offered in the same form as processed cheese as long as it’s aged well. Natural cheese comes from the process of removing water from milk with natural substances such as healthy bacteria and vinegar. Organic cheese, much like wine, actually changes in flavour depending on its age, making it versatile finger food. Ordering natural cheese like the cheese found locally in the Godminster Farm Shop could prove to be a valuable addition to your diet amidst your regular intake of commercial brand cheese. You can tell if your cheese is authentic if it still has chunks even if it’s cut down and boiled.

The Verdict: A little bit of both, maybe

If you’re weighing up which cheese product is better, it might have to do with how you want your dishes to turn out. Processed cheese is high in calories and can lead to obesity and even hypertension. Not only that, but commercial cheese products are known to contribute to high blood pressure from the salt preservatives in the product. Maintaining a balance of both products in your diet is a great way to keep healthy without sacrificing flavour in your cooking.