If you’re a vegetarian and your friends wonder what it’s all about or perhaps you’re interested in finding out more about a meat-free diet, here are some fun facts to amaze those you know.

  1. Vegetarianism started in India and over 70% of the residents of this continent don’t eat meat. There are more vegetarians in India than in any other country in the world.
  2. Every Monday since 2012 has been meat-free in Los Angeles. The council at the time voted unanimously to make the first day of the week a vegetarian day to promote the different kinds of food available as well as meat-free being a healthy lifestyle option.
  3. The most popular meat-free product in the UK is Quorn. It’s a high in protein and low in fat product which is made from a mycoprotein. It’s then dried and made into a whole array of healthy products including curries, nuggets, mince and even pies and pasties. There’s even a ‘Turk’y Roast’ for Sundays and Christmas.
  4. Research has shown that men who don’t eat meat give off a kind of hormone which makes them more attractive to women. Famous male vegetarians include Brad Pitt, Ozzy Osborne and Paul McCartney so you can make your own mind up as to whether this is true for you.
  5. There are many kinds of vegetarians; ‘Jain’ vegetarians eat dairy but won’t eat honey, eggs or root vegetables and Buddhist vegetarians don’t eat onion, garlic, leeks or shallots as they believe the smell ‘angers the blood’.
  6. If you like yoga then you may have to stop eating meat if you want to be truly dedicated. For Hathi and Bhakti yoga, being a non-meat eater is essential as it is felt the eating of meat leads to laziness and ignorance whereas a vegetarian diet means an inner feeling of spiritual growth.
  7. More than one study has shown that being a vegetarian means a faster metabolism. The evidence points to the body burning up calories 16% faster than a meat-eater in the first 3 hours following a meal.
  8. There are other kinds of vegetarian including frutarians who only eat fruit and seeds and part of the plant which can be harvested without killing it and vegans who avoid all animal products as well as meat. Studies show that being a vegan – or in fact a vegetarian – is often a healthier choice as it means a lower body mass index, less likelihood of diabetes, high blood pressure or heart problems and there is less incidence of colon cancer.