Fun on a budget seems a far-fetched idea. We all start thinking of all the things that we would have to sacrifice in order to get it. But what about having fun for free? Even though it may seem improbable at times to have fun without going to expensive places, it is certainly possible. Here are four things you can do that won’t make your pocket any lighter but would still give you memories to cherish:

1.Visit your friends: What can be a better way to have fun than to spend times with the most amazing people in your life? A visit to your friends can not only make you feel better but can even turn out to be one of the greatest times of your life!

  1. Read a book: There is this huge world that books can bring to us. All you have to do is to pick up one that you are interested in and it will transport you to mysterious worlds you would love to get lost in.
  2. Visit the museum: Local museums are often free for visitors. Try going to one where your interests are housed. For example, if you are into painting, going to an art museum will not only make up for a well spent afternoon but also provide inspiration.
  3. Play free games: Get online and play some games. If you want to play something social check out GameVillage promotions for an unbeatable gaming experience. Or if you are feeling a little outdoorsy, why not go to your local park and play with some friends?

So what are you doing this weekend?