The path to success isn’t determined by what you do, but who you are. The habits of highly successful people are well-documented and relentlessly poured over by those hoping to hit the big-time, in life, but being a high-flyer takes more than just getting up at 4am or consuming a high-protein diet.

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing what apps they have on their smartphone. Their apps let you know what they’re interested in, what they value, and how they organize their time. Here are the five types of apps that every successful man has on their phone.¬†

Organizational Apps

Successful people are adept at juggling their responsibilities and getting stuff done. They value organizational skills and are highly-skilled multi-taskers. As such, every successful person’s phone will be full of helpful organizational apps which they use to plan out their day and tackle their extensive workload. The most popular apps include platforms such as Evernote, Mint, and Slack, which allow people to track their daily progress and communicate effectively with their business network.

Networking Apps

A successful man sees their¬†connections as their most valuable resources and will dedicate a significant amount of time cultivating them. This doesn’t mean using social media time-wasters such as Twitter or useless dating apps like Tinder. Rather, successful people see professional platforms such as LinkedIn as their own social media, which they use to cultivate a network of like-minded, ambitious, and successful people. When it comes to love and romance, they’re more likely to use elite dating apps such as Inner Circle.

Betting Apps

Successful people are famously more open to risk-taking and aren’t afraid to chase after a big potentially big payout. That’s why you’re likely to find a range of betting apps on any successful person’s smartphone, as the thrill of the wager is always appealing to those who desire success. There are countless apps to choose from, but it’s best to make an informed choice by consulting websites which review the best apps such as Oddschecker, which will tell you which betting platforms offer the best shot at success.

Educational Apps

Successful people are open-minded and curious. Rather than being cocky and thinking they know it all, a truly successful person is always eager to learn. That’s why every successful person is guaranteed to have a range of educational apps on their phone. These will likely range from language learning apps such as DuoLingo, all the way to apps which teach hard skills like coding, as the popular Encode app does.

Lifestyle Apps

Success in life goes far beyond a person’s career aspirations. Success is how you dress, where you spend your leisure time, who you socialize with, and what hobbies you have. Open any truly successful person’s smartphone and you’ll immediately see a range of lifestyle apps that they consult to help them live their best lives. These might include style apps such as the GQ App, cultural guides such as Culture Trip, and etiquette guides such as those found on the Tatler App.


Downloading these apps won’t make you an overnight millionaire, but they will help you form the habits you need to become successful. Get started now and see how quickly you notice a change in your lifestyle.