Many of us make memories and friendships that last a lifetime at university, but higher education comes with many pressures, especially when it comes to the academic side of things.

A study by the Scottish Government found that a whopping 90% of Uni students found their exams more stressful than expected – hardly a surprise.

Last-minute cramming, fear of resits and expectations of friends and family can all contribute to put you under pressure when exams are near, but these tips could help you float through to top marks.

Make time for exercise

Go to the gym, find a route to walk or round up your friends for a game of football. Getting a sweat on for a while can help take your mind of what is to come, as well as encouraging the release of feel-good hormones that can set you up for your latest learning stint.

Forget whatever snake oil you’ve been told will help you focus; exercise is the only miracle cure out there.

Ask for help

Classmates, tutors, family – they’re all there to help. If you need a fresh viewpoint, can’t get over a specific hurdle, or just need to vent to someone, look to those closest to you and you’ll find the right person.

Throw an Easter party

The weeks before your exams actually start can feel like a long tunnel, with little light at the end of it.

But there is a great excuse to let your hair down and briefly forget all about the pressures ahead, with Easter typically landing about a month out from your first trip into the exam hall. Even better, you won’t have lectures or seminars to worry about either!

Why not throw a themed party; Stock up on Easter eggs, go on a beer hunt (take it steady) and make time to be around family and friends. Once term gets back under way, you’ll be recharged and ready to go.


It might be tempting to pull an all-nighter with your revision texts, a pack of highlighters and 200 post-it notes – but maybe there’s a better way…

It could well be that sleeping could be a better use of your time. A good night’s sleep – eight hours at least – boosts your powers of concentration and memory.

So put the textbooks down until the morning (but don’t forget they’re still there!) and hit the hay!

Put the phone down

Many of hours spend hours a day on social media, but when you’re dealing with the stresses of exam time in your own life, fixating on others’ can only serve to ramp up the pressure you’re feeling.

Don’t forget that behind that picture, your friends are likely going through something just as stressful as you. You’re not on your own.