Christmas. Birthdays. Anniversaries. All can be fun events. But they’re sometimes stressful – especially when it comes to buying gifts.

Very often, it’s tricky to identify the right present for a specific person. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Why not shop by personality type?

True, we’re all complex. However, a lot of who we are is shaped by our hobbies. And so, let’s explore the perfect gifts for each personality type.

The Worker

Does your friend, relative or significant other work a lot? Are they the one in the office or library who always stays late? In other words, do they need a break? Well, fear not.

You can provide them with the ideal present. One that helps them to fully unwind. To achieve this, invite them to some ‘me time’ – but do so on their terms. Identify their favourite treats, and then place them into a care package.

You might go for a luxurious fragrance. Or perhaps a fragrant reed diffuser. Specialists like Neom Organics offer a range of aromatic delights.

Of course, what you choose is entirely up to you – and your expectations of what they’ll like.

The lucky person will then be able to use its contents in their own time.

The Enthusiast

We all know an enthusiast. Typically, this is somebody who is passionate about a particular subject. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s fun to have a chosen pursuit. It usually boosts productivity, too.

As their friend, partner or relative, you may very well want to encourage this. And luckily, you can. You just need to find the right gift.

This may not be as hard as it sounds. If the person loves sport, why not arrange a match between friends? Or if they like video games, why don’t you host a big gaming session for them?

Whatever their preferred activity, why not use it for gift inspiration? An experience can be just as – if not more – meaningful than a physical present.

The Traveller

Most people like to travel. Holidays are, after all, designed to be enjoyed. Yet few people could be described as avid travellers.

This type of person doesn’t just want to go on vacation – they long to explore. Know somebody who meets this description? Then they might just be the ultimate traveller.

But what can you buy for them, other than a trip away? Well, they relish adventure, don’t they?

Then how about a guide to a specific continent? Or maybe a mood board on a place they haven’t visited yet?

Either gift could pique their curiosity with either gift. And they can enjoy both before, during and after their next adventure.

Gift shopping needn’t be a challenge. Shop by personality type, and you might even enjoy it. With these tips, you may never have to dread this task again.