China is the world’s most populous country, home to one of the great emerging fashion capitals of the world. It’s a kaleidoscope of thrilling cuisines and thousands of years of fascinating culture to immerse yourself in.

While female solo travellers have historically tended to stick to traversing the well-worn routes of Europe and South East Asia on their backpacking adventures, the announcement at should come as no surprise: China is finally starting to emerge as a top destination for young globetrotters searching for beauty, adventure and most importantly, great food.

Given the vastness and diversity of the country, covering it all in one blog post might prove a little too difficult. However, if you’re planning your next trip and are wondering why China should be next on your bucket list, these pointers are sure to act as an excellent starter.


The culture of China has fascinated and inspired wanderlust for centuries. Films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Mulan, plus books like Wild Swans and Shanghai Baby have inspired generations of globetrotters to head to China and explore for themselves. Even in the gaming world our fascination with the culture is clear: by visiting, you will find popular online gaming slots such as Imperial Palace and Three Kingdoms, which continue to stoke our travel ambitions – certainly worth checking out before you go, to get a feel for the country.

Once you arrive, the cultural offerings available to you might seem overwhelming at first. There is, of course, the imperial splendour of the Forbidden City, the awe-inspiring scale of the Great Wall and the delicate teahouse culture which thrives in the cities to this day. All of these make for unforgettable travel experiences.


If you consider the food to be the highlight of any trip, then you’re in luck. China has hundreds of different cuisines, ranging from the red-hot spice of Szechuan dishes to the comforting style of Xinjiang (Muslim-Chinese) fare. If you’re starting your adventure in one of the big first-tier cities such as Shanghai or Beijing, then you’ll have access to the full range of the cuisine of all 23 provinces (learn more here:

Some great starting dishes for inexperienced travellers include the Shanghainese classic ma jiang mian,  a seriously addictive noodle dish with sesame paste and chilli oil. You’ll also want to try the nationwide breakfast staple jian bing, a kind of fried dough wrap with coriander, scallions, bean paste and veggies. Don’t forget to stuff yourself on tasty bao wherever you go, as a few dumplings make the perfect fuel for a day of adventure.


If you like to party, then China has plenty for you. Shanghai is bigger on the kind of bottle-popping, EDM-filled dancefloors you might expect back home, but that’s not all there is. Beijing is big on rock music, so heading to a grimy underground venue for an evening of Chinese rock is an absolute must. Wuhan is famous for its punk scene and is one of the few places to get a glimpse of China’s underground nightlife and subcultures.

Shenzen meanwhile has a thriving techno scene, with innovative parties being thrown in car parks, shipping containers and old warehouses across the city every weekend. What’s more, at you can read about how Chinese nightlife ranks as one of the safest for female travellers in the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry as much as you would in other backpacking hotspots.

A trip to China is an unforgettable experience that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Hopefully, this brief guide has inspired you to book those tickets and head to one of the most exciting destinations in the world.