People often overlook small details when it comes to selecting an event – whether it is a wedding venue or a conference room. Choosing the best conference room, located close to your competitors and the business associates is the most overwhelming decision for a business owner. Especially for those who travel abroad just to organize a meeting with international associates and investors.

The conference rooms and your workspace design have a direct impact on your revenues, say experts at Allwork. The design and environment of meeting rooms in Luton play an integral part in keeping your attendees engaged, according to experts at Holiday Inn Luton South. It helps them stay productive throughout the meeting and make informed decisions.

Below we have listed a few factors you must consider when selecting conference venues in Luton. Take a look.

The Ambiance

Lack of engagement of employees at corporate meetings costs businesses up to $550 billion annually, shows a report on workplace engagement published by the Conference Board.

Not every conference room is big enough to house all your guests comfortably. Similarly, only a few meetings rooms in Luton have the right set of audio and visual equipment to cater to your unique meeting requirements. The ideal rental workspace is one that complements the type of meeting you are about to host. 

For instance, if it’s a casual workshop, a rental space with on-site catering facilities make a good option. If it is a professional meeting, a conference room located in the hotels near Luton airport with parking will be your best bet. Ideally, you should consider the nature of your meeting before renting a conference room.

Check the Amenities

When looking for a rental meeting room, you need to consider the equipment you will need for organizing your meeting. Depending on the nature of your meeting, you may need the following tools:

  • A printer
  • Projector
  • Microphones
  • Stable internet connection
  • Video conferencing tools

You have to spend extra on the A/V equipment if they are missing in the rental conference room. In addition to the rental tools, the on-site support is a must. You don’t want your meeting to be a disaster just because you didn’t have the staff for on-site tech support.

Check the Cost

People charge the rental fee for the meeting room on an hourly basis. According to the Tagvenue, you are charged around £65 for renting a well-equipped conference venue for an hour in the UK. Business travelers prefer to book the best accommodation in Luton near the airport, such as Holiday Inn Luton South. Because they also offer conference rooms, spas, and other facilities, all on a budget. It saves on the cost of renting separate meeting venues for corporate events, as well as travel.  The rental fees of a conference room depends on a few factors, such as setup fee, rental equipment, service fee, taxes, and tips. Always get a quote for the meeting room first. You don’t want a surprising bill at the end of your 3-hour long meeting.