So let’s see. Tonight you are going on a first date with that guy you’ve been going crazy about for months. And of course, you are freaking out. Even though you are already all dolled up and your hair is on fleek, you have tried on hundreds of different outfits and none of them seems to work. It is either too casual or too glam – and deciding whether you want to seem uninterested or too interested is a pretty stressful mind game.

And even though the real beauty is on the inside, everybody is still impressed with Taj Mahal’s symmetry and color changing, and Milan Cathedral Duomo’s façade (wink). It is perfectly natural that you want to look good for your man. And you should.

Here are some important things to have in mind when dressing up for your first date.

1. Cleanness and freshness

Even though this article about clothing, there is so much more to it than just putting on a trendy and sexy garment. Always have in mind that the most important thing is to make sure your clothes are clean, fresh and ironed. This is why it is always a better option to plan your outfits ahead. Inspect your clothes and make sure nothing’s missing and that there are no wrinkles whatsoever. He will notice everything trust me.

2. Think outside the clothes

Pun intended. You may know how to get a guy to notice you and all, but the tricky part is whether or not he will like what he sees. Men are visual types, so it is not all about clothes, but rather the whole package. Your shoes should be fresh and in good condition, take care of your nails – if there is one thing every guy hates that must definitely be those bitten, peanut-sized, untidy nails on a girl’s hand.

Also, in the previous tip, I’ve told you about cleanness and freshness. That doesn’t just refer to clothing. Make sure your hair is clean and nicely done, your teeth are brushed and flossed, and of course, never forget deodorant and perfume.

3. Dress for the occasion

Why would you put on your high stilettos if you are just going for a walk and maybe for a cup of coffee? Why would you wear your tracksuit for a dinner date? Where you are going and what you’ll be doing has a lot to do with your outfit choice. The most important part is not to go over the top, or in other words, make sure you avoid extremes. That means no heavy makeup, overly trendy outfits nor showing too much skin. Minimal and natural is always the best way to go.

Also, have in mind that more is more. There is no need to give it all away right on the first day. Compensate that short skirt or short shorts with long sleeves and low heels, or balance that low cut top of yours with jeans or a maxi skirt.  


4. Be comfortable

Your ultimate goal is to achieve that “I just threw this on” vibe. This means focusing on casual staples you are feeling most comfortable in such as Jeans, T-shirts, flats etc. which are perfect for daytime dates. Also, an easy cotton dress with a jacket (depending on your style you will go with a cardigan, a leather cropped bomber, denim jacket etc.) is also a great option for dates.

On the other hand, if you know that this guy is all about high-maintenance girls – you might have to bring out that red carpet look of yours. But even then, your outfit should tell that you are a keeper and don’t need a team of helpers and 6 hours to get ready.

5. Accentuate your best features

Even though this is a no-brainer, it is still very important not to neglect it. You want him to see the best parts of you and not to see your ‘flaws’. So if, for example, you consider your deep green eyes your best feature, bring them out by wearing a top in the same shade. However, as said above, rather stick to just showing off one feature than all of them at once.

That would basically be it. I hope my tips have helped you a little bit with your outfit choice.

Do you have some more you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment.

Also, have fun on your first date – fingers crossed.