Does your daily routine seem chaotic? Your smartphone is here to save the day (as always). Check out these apps designed to help bring order back into that crazy blur called life. With the right app, you can keep track of your tasks, projects, appointments and various to-do lists.


If you are unhappy with the basic calendar app that came with your smart device, try Jorte. This popular calendar app wants to make sure you never miss an important date again. PepperScraps blog notes that it may take awhile to set up this app, but it does seem to have lots of features. Aside from your own memos and appointments, you can also follow events. Jorte has partnered with various companies to deliver event calendars, so you can be notified of news or happenings that interest you. A cloud feature allows you to sync content and share your calendar with others.

MyHomework Planner

Here is a handy tool to help students keep track of their assignments. Each time you add an entry, you can enter details such as class, type of study (lab, research, paper, etc.), subject, deadline and more. You can attach a file, set a reminder and priority rating too. A calendar feature shows you your activities for the day at a glance. Teachers can also use MyHomework Planner to share due dates and assignments with their students, but only if they and their students have registered accounts.

Organize Grocery Shopping List

Do you hate it when you forget an item on your grocery list? This app may help make your shopping routine a bit easier. Organizy allows you to quickly enter items in preset categories. You can also enter prices and see the total. Once you buy an item, just tap it to cross it out. The app also lets you sync lists between devices. There does not seem to be a way to change which category an item goes in (as of this writing, that is) but this may change in a future update. Organizy gets an 8.2 rating at

To Do Projects and Score Card

This app is a little different from other to-do apps you may be used to. Instead of simply creating lists and checking off items, you also keep track of your performance. For each checklist or score sheet, the app lets you know how much of the project you have completed in percentage terms. If this is how you want to track your progress, this app may prove useful. You can export your notes as PDF or share them with certain other apps.

The above are mostly to-do list and calendar types of apps. But these are not the only kinds of organizer apps you might find useful. You could also use notepad-like programs to take notes, or password managers to store multiple passwords and PINs. If you need to save phone calls, try a call recording app with voice recorder. With so many options, there is no excuse to stay disorganized! Start to declutter and put your life in order!