The time has come, you’ve been dating a special someone for some time now, and you’ve decided that you are to get down on one knee and propose. But before you can even start to consider the tricky question of where to propose there’s an even bigger question – what about the ring?

Where To Start

The first thing to decide is – do you want to propose with the ring itself, or wait and let your partner choose? If you have an idea of the ring size, then choosing yourself can be a good idea. It helps keep the whole thing a surprise, so you can have that extra “wow!” factor. If you’re not sure of your partner’s ring size, you can either sneak away another ring they might have and get it measured at a jewelery store, or make a guess. Even if the ring is a bit too big, it can be resized afterwards.

You can also come straight out and ask your partner, but beware – letting them in on it can lead to months of anxiety as they wait for the proposal!

Getting Advice

Even if you decide to buy the ring later, you don’t want to be ripped off. Antique rings can have a lovely style, and may be a bit cheaper than brand new, but unless you’re proposing with Great-Grandmother’s ruby ring, you can’t be sure of the provenance of the gems. How can you be certain that you’re not paying a diamond price for a zirconia?

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to arrange for the ring to be done to a more personal design. There are plenty of online jewellers who are happy to help you come up with a design that your partner will love, and then all you need to do is source the diamonds that will be used for making the ring itself.

At this point though you may begin to feel a little overwhelmed. You want a gemstone that is timeless and elegant, but you’ll be spending a lot of money and you want to get it right. How do you know you’ll be buying a proper diamond and not an online fake? This is where Richard Jenkins, the man behind YourDiamondGuru, can help. His informative website covers all aspects of diamond buying, from reviewing online retailers through to in-depth articles on what you need to look out for when purchasing your diamond. Should you browse through the whole site and read every article (this may take a while, they are very informative and I found myself being consistently distracted) and still feel a bit confused, you can contact Richard himself through the website with your query. His experience of helping people find the right diamond for the right ring has led to a lot of happy proposals.

Rather than ask your Mum or best friend for help, we’d recommend Richard Jenkins, and at least you can be certain a diamond will be what you buy!