Many people today are getting diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes results when our body is unable to process sugar properly. There are some great resources to check out if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is a good resource. Talking with your doctor can help you develop a plan that is good for you. Many naturopathic physicians have experience with dietary planning for diabetic conditions. It is good to consider lots of options to be healed of diabetes.

Things To Avoid

If you have diabetes, it is not healthy to consume lots of refined starches and sweet deserts. These foods, while good tasting, can make it hard for the human body to handle a diabetic state. Make a list of the sweet refined foods that you naturally like to eat. Some of them might be donuts, lattes, cakes, ice cream, or candy. Try to minimize how much of these things that you are consuming. Portion control is essential as well.

Things To Add

There still many tasty foods that you can eat as a diabetic. The American Diabetes Association suggests fruit, chicken, and eggs. Going to the local grocery store and trying out some of the fruit available there can give you an idea of what fruit you particularly like. Fruits that are really sweet or canned might still cause problems. Thinking of milder fruits like melons, bananas, or green grapes is good. Everyday Health suggests trying avocados, apples, blueberries, cabbage, fish, garlic, mushrooms, almonds, flaxseeds, and pomegranates.


Vitamin supplements can help make sure that you are getting the nutrition that you need. Siberian Health Company offers some antioxidant supplements. Using supplements can help handle deficiencies from the diet. The various healthy supplements offered by Siberian Health Company can give your diet a boost if it is hard to find the foods that keep your body fit.

Useful Equipment To Have For Food Preparation

Preparing food at home can help your diabetic meal plan not be so challenging. If all food is consumed out of the home, it is often more expensive and less healthy. There are restaurants that cater to people with special needs diets, but trying to prepare more food at home is smart. Different equipment that might help a diabetic for their home include a blender, oven, dehydrator, dutch oven, pasta machine, or a crock pot. These devices make it easier to prepare tasty meals that are healthy.


Diabetes need not be misery. There are many great recipes out there to make your diabetic eating much happier. Think about trying Summer Chicken Spring Rolls, Asian Tofu Stir-Fry, and Grilled Salmon and Avocado Salad.