For many of us, the airport experience is not one we greatly enjoy and anything that is available to make our travel adventures more hassle-free is likely to be seized upon enthusiastically.

Thanks to technology and few well-chosen gadgets there is at least a better chance of enjoying a smoother passage and better travel experience overall.

Here are some ideas and suggestions on what gadgets and apps could make traveling more of a breeze, including a way to bring your luggage up to speed, how to find a place to stay in a hurry, plus a solution to a common battery complaint.

A way to make your luggage smarter

If you view your luggage as a means to an end and just something you need in order to haul your possessions around from one destination to the next, you could be missing a trick.

There are versions of smart luggage around like the one offered by Raden, which incorporates a range of hi-tech features into your luggage options and gives you access to tracking technology and even an integrated phone charger.

Raden smart luggage is a good example of what you can do with such an everyday travel item to make it more user-friendly and useful. For example, an inbuilt bag weighing scale gives you the information you need to avoid an issue when passing through customs, plus the luggage is designed to be lightweight and as fit for purpose as possible.

Using the app that comes with the smart luggage system means you get the sort of tech support and options your existing luggage can’t compete with.

Last-minute accommodation options

Sometimes you have to head off on a trip at a moment’s notice or maybe you like to leave your destination and accommodation plans to the last minute so that you can steal a decent discount.

Whatever your reason for needing to find a place for the night in a hurry, there are several apps that are well worth having on your phone to help you with that task.

You might want to try the Overnight app, which is a booking platform that shows you where you stay with locals who are happy to share their home with you, often at a fraction of the price that you would pay for a hotel stay.

Another option is Airbnb which also offers you the chance to book city tours and experiences as well as finding a place to stay in your chosen location.

Also, it can be helpful to learn more about the weather conditions where you are heading, using an app to get live updates and forecasts so you know what sort of clothes you need to pack.

Always have the power

If there is one thing that frustrates travelers more than anything else it’s discovering that their devices have run out of power, often at the worst possible time.

Not being able to use your phone or make the most of a photo opportunity because your device has run out of juice is really frustrating, but if you invest in a portable battery device like the Tzumi Pocket Juice, for example, you will always have a backup plan for charging your device on the go.

Maybe travel in the modern age might not be completely hassle-free, but at least with a few well-chosen gadgets and apps, you should be able to smooth out some of the wrinkles.