The difference between winning and losing can come down to confidence in a game of poker. Of course there are elements of skill and luck involved, but confidence is key and is an important attribute that the top poker players have.

There are two types of confidence in poker, each one having its own benefits, but there is an obvious winner out of the two. One would be a great choice to use when playing online, something which you can do here –

First though, let’s take a look at the two variations of confidence and you can find out which one you have.

Blind Confidence

When playing with blind confidence, there is a serious risk that you will lose your bankroll, and very quickly too. This is because the level of their confidence has nothing to do with their ability to play poker.

Within blind confidence, there are two sources to their confidence: results and ignorance. People with results confidence have built up a hot winning streak and believe that they can’t lose. Their short term streak builds up their confidence and they believe that they can lose, even against the world’s best in the high stakes. They soon learn that the short term hot streak wasn’t an accurate representation of their skill level.

The other type of players with blind confidence are generally successful in life and so they believe that they can just sit at any poker table and they’ll continue to be successful. Unfortunately for them (and perhaps fortunately for you), this results in them crashing out early on.

Earned Confidence

Of course not all confidence is bad and as a result of luck or misjudgement. Earned confidence is confidence built over a longer period of time as a player learns to read his opponents, learning when to bluff and when not to and keeping your mind healthy and focused.

As you progress into a better poker player, your confidence will grow, but unlike the blind confidence, you will have earned this confidence and it won’t be unfounded. The most successful players on the poker circuit know they are there on merit and have built up their skills and reputation over a respectable period of time.

Players like Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu remain some of the most feared and respected players because they know that when they are focused, they are hard to beat. Watch clips of the two of them in action and study how they read the game, particularly Negreanu, who has a scary ability of predicting exactly what hand his opponent has.


Just remember, if you think that success outside of poker will result in success at the poker table then think again. Equally if you think that your hot streak will never end then think again. If you want to become the best poker player, learn the game, learn how to read your opponents and build your confidence. You won’t need to ask yourself if you’re a good poker player as long as you continue to progress and learn from the mistakes you make. As Daniel Negreanu says “You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. Learning nothing from those mistakes is the mistake.”