It is rather surprising to see that unlike earlier times, when couples used to face major social challenges in their life, today’s couples, participating actively in social media, are carrying excess baggage out the home, facing more challenging situations in life. Little wonder then that we look back longingly on our life before marriage!

According to an article published by The Guardian, bachelorhood makes people live a self-sufficient and fulfilling life, which promotes greater psychological growth and keeps them away from negative emotions. On the other hand, marriage creates ties, making one’s happiness dependent on another, leading to stress and lack of self-sufficiency.

It is for this reason that many millennials prefer not to get married, and even if they do, they are doing it much later in life than the previous generations. Women are taking full advantage of today’s times and focusing on their career, an opportunity that was never available to them, says an article published by NBC News. The article further stated that marriage is now losing its definition as an individual’s transition to adulthood and has become more of an option.

Having a partner to enjoy sexual intimacy with used to be a major reason people got married. But in modern times, with the availability of flexible dating, option of live-in relationships, and more, people are no longer considering sex as a primary reason to get married. They have now become more vocal about their sexual needs and men are actively using natural male enhancement pills to boost their sexual performance, says Men’s Health Digest, in its Sizegenix reviews.

However, this is not the only reason why younger adults are wary of marriage. Here is a list of challenges they see their married mates dealing with every day, which makes them hesitate to enter into a similar relationship.

Major Relationship Challenges Married Couples Face

  • Competition with the Smartphone: Everyone wants to stay updated with what is happening across the world, while being in touch with the maximum number of people possible, even if they are virtual friends. And the way to achieve this is through endless scrolling on the smartphone, eye balling social media profiles and more, till late at night. This leaves their partner in the real world waiting for them to spend some quality time together, which never seems to come.
  • Money Issues: Yes, love is important in a marriage, but money is equally important. Today, the issue is not the lack of money, since in most cases, both the partners are working and earning sufficiently to take care of themselves and their family. But it is the ego associated with the spending that can make one feel small in front of the other. Moreover, one’s disinterest in saving can put the future of both partners at risk. 
  • Expectations are Not Fulfilled: We all think that we are marrying our soulmate but it seems that one’s partner changes drastically after marriage, leading to distress. What we need to check is whether we still have realistic expectations from each other and whether we ourselves are doing enough to work on the relationship.
  • Sex Life Loses Excitement: After marriage, couples often prioritize their work over their partner and their sexual desire decreases with time. Sex life starts becoming monotonous, where either or both partners didn’t feel the importance of experimenting in sex, which in fact should be their ultimate goal. In many other situations, couples lose intimacy, which further leads to deeper issues, infidelity being one of them.

All these issues are concerning, but they can be handled with a little wisdom and open conversation with one’s partner. If the concern is losing that spark in your sex life, there is no need to worry, since mens male enhancement pills like SizeGenix, when taken an hour before sex, can boost stamina and improve sexual performance while increasing libido. Read SizeGenix’s reviews from a reputed site to know about the effectiveness of its ingredients, dosage and side-effects.