As a lady with a fuller figure, it’s unlikely that you’ll fall into the regular defined categories of body shape. However, it’s important to know your body shape as it makes it much easier to shop for the clothes and styles that will flatter you the best. That’s why we’ve compiled a new list of body shapes for all of you plus sized ladies out there.


If you have full hips and a full bust it’s likely that you’ll fit into the hourglass category. This is one of the most common plus size body types meaning that it’s quite easy to find clothes that flatter. That is if you know where to look. Sites such as Ashleigh Plus Size, for example, have a wide range of clothes for women of any plus-size shape. With this figure, you’ll want to make sure your waist is defined, and you can do this with a fit-and-flare dress, a peplum top, or even a body-hugging option that maximises your proportions.  



Busty is beautiful, and you should embrace that with clothes that flatter. Show off your assets in a v-neck top that’s as daring as you want it to be or draw attention upwards with a high-neck top.  If your largest measurement is across your chest, then that’s not to say that your hips and midsection aren’t curvy. In that case, a waist-cinching dress will be a good option to highlight your upper body and slim your middle.


Taking its namesake from the fruit, those with an apple body shape will have their widest measurement in their middle, and your shoulders, hips, and legs will be slimmer. In that case, tunic tops and sheath dresses will minimise your middle and draw attention to your legs. Slim pants will emphasise your apple shape too, especially if you pair them with a tunic top.


The pear is undoubtedly the most classic plus-sized shape. If you’re a pear shape, your best assets will probably be your hips and bum so you’ll want to show these off with a pair of well-fitting jeans. As a plus-sized lady, you might be under the impression that jeans can be tricky to pull off but as long as you settle for a style that provides support and stretch you should be just fine. On the top, a boxy blouse in a soft material will give your upper body the boost it needs without covering your bum. After all, if you’ve got it – flaunt it!


As a rectangle shape, you won’t have any curves that are seriously defined so to create more dimension along your body why not opt for a shift dress? A dress with a high neck or paired with a statement necklace will draw the attention up. Create curves with scoop-neck and sweetheart tops and pair these with trousers that can easily be accessorised around the waist.


One of the less common body types, wider shoulders, and slim legs define the carrot shape. In that case, you’ll want to opt for an outfit that can create more balance to your figure. A full skirt with a flared hem will give your lower body the volume it needs and something bold that highlights your torso will take attention away from your shoulders. A sparkly sequined bomber comes to mind here.