The Bahamas is a dream come true no matter which age you are. However, as young adults, the thrill of the endless beaches and a warm culture so far away from our own seems like the best thing ever. The yellow and green dresses on white sands and the endless potential for arranging parties on the fly have given the Bahamas quite a reputation over the past few years. It’s well deserved too, maintaining the fact that the Bahamas can be one of the most splendid places to spend any of your holidays at and have fun.

This increases by leaps and bounds if you’re looking for a place to hang out with your girlfriends this summer. Pack your bags for Luxury travel to the Bahamas and you won’t be regretting anything for the entire duration. Remember to pack loads of sunscreen and bikinis. Keep your work obligations back at home, and these are the things you can do.

  1. Dance at a Junkanoo Rush

If you make your way to the Bahamas during the Christmas months, you’d be witness to the Junkanoo Rush. Now, we know that it’s a remnant of the days of slavery now, but, the locals maintain that a West African Prince who outwitted the colonizers established this defiant form of dance. And seeing the bright colors and the forms of dance I believe the West African story over the boring history books any day.

Hang around and watch thousands of groups practice their routines through the day as a preparation for the rush. One of the biggest festivals in the entirety of Bahamas, it’s the perfect place to see the style and fashion that’s endemic to the area. Think neon and brightness, but, all justified by the extravaganza of dancing. Anything at Junkanoo Rush looks ridiculous outside it, but, for the while, it’s one of those experiences you can’t afford to miss.

Nassau holds the biggest parade of the season, but, if you’re looking for a more intimate celebration, you can always make your way to the Exumas, and see if it suits you.

Pro Tip: To learn the dance you’ve to head out the Paradise Islands on Wednesdays or Saturdays to join in with the troupes and learn how to party the proper Bahamian way.

  1. Harbour Island

What the Greater Exumas was before, Harbour Island is now. The heady party destination has made its way into the style book of every style icon you know of. The easy-going island holds some of the biggest luxury hotels and resorts for you to rest and enjoy yourselves at. Start your day by walking around the famous pink sand beaches, and rent out a whole golf cart to make your way through the different beaches that dot the island.

Once, you’re done, you can go ahead and let your hair down at the excellent night-life that characterize Harbour Island. Book ahead and you might also hold the honor of being a guest at one of the world-famous restaurants where you can eat and enjoy yourselves.

Since the Pink beaches indicate the presence of a wide variety of corals, you can take time and go snorkeling too, to experience the full nature of the area.

  1. Nassau sea reef

The third largest barrier reefs call the Bahamas their home, and there’s no other place where they could’ve fit more perfectly than Nassau. If you didn’t know, Nassau was the epicenter of pirate violence some centuries ago. That is until Wood Rodgers came by and took away the power from them. However, the island has been home to the famous buccaneers like Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, and even Avery. These ships now, lay buried in the Nassau sea reef and allow you to visit the marine life as well as see one of the most exciting parts of our history come alive.

Remember to check out the coral reefs and enjoy them too. They’re a treasure that has held up through many years on Earth. Nassau also boasts a very vibrant life at its core. You can enjoy the nightlife and the restaurants at Nassau at night and use different vantage points to explore the sea reef during the mornings.

  1. Aruba

Aruba is mostly known for being a family-friendly space where you can just relax. Now, Aruba is all that yes, while, it also boasts pretty magnificent hiking trails and other things. However, the main attraction is the submarine ride available here. Get into the submarine which goes a few hundred feet into the water and allows you to watch the marine life from afar. This is the option to settle for if swimming at deep seas scares you a bit.

Aruba is also one of the most famous areas for people to just enjoy themselves. Hang out at the many restaurants by the beach or go to the interior to enjoy the local cuisine. Try out the nightlife, or go for a quiet night walk by the beach.

Aruba also holds some secrets with certain sections of the island still being inaccessible by direct transport and being almost pristine.

  1. Lucayan National Park

Maybe, Louisiana and North Carolina are what comes to your mind when thinking of mangrove vegetation and swamps. But, Lucayan, one of the smaller National parks in the Bahamas holds some of the most vibrant mangrove vegetations worldwide. Check out the lush vegetation here while you go on a hiking trail. If you settle down at one of the vantage points, you can easily get to see some of the birds that mark this spot as one of the most biodiversity-rich spaces in the world. The forest in small and can be traveled completely on foot without any guides. You might want to take a guide to find out more knowledge about the endemic species and the things that mark this National Park as its own phenomenon.

Different tours are available and you can customize the experience according to your requirements.

The Bahamas is one of the best places for you to hang out in and to get some fashion inspiration. So, pack in your bags, and get ready, in the Bahamas, the sunscreen would be the only armor you’d need.