Is VPS a good choice for e-commerce startups?

E-commerce seems to be not only saving grace, but also a strong future for many businesses around the world in these pandemic times. As physical stores and businesses are experiencing hard times, many are moving to an online space. And to many, a question rises – is VPS a good choice for e-commerce startups?

Time for a Data Detox?

On average we spend over 2 hours per day using the internet on our mobile phones, according to Statista. Whether you spend this time on social media, shopping or researching you will be triggering cookies and sharing your data detox. But as of 2017 new GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation) helped to strengthen data protection laws in the UK and Europe. Part of this update in the law means that any individual can contact a company and ask for access to the data they hold on them and request it be deleted.

What Are The Hazards Of Excessive Screen Time And How To Prevent Them

We live in an age where technology has revolutionized our lives, and it’s made things easier for us. It has brought together the millions of people together to communicate without a delay of a second. Our generation is the first to use this evolving technology, and most of us are unaware of the harms that come along with its benefits. The devices that can help in your child’s mental growth can be fatal if not used carefully. Excess of anything is dangerous, and in this case, technology can be hazardous. Many severe medical conditions may arise due to excessive exposure to the screens, which might potentially require help from therapists in the long run. The screen can be of your television, mobile devices, computer, or gaming consoles. Whatever the source is, it’s dangerous for you and the people around you.

Many physical and mental health problems arise due to over screening, and along with these problems, other corresponding illnesses may occur too. That’s not all, these electronic devices emit harmless radiations, but if a person is exposed for a more extended period, they can be harmful too. The blue light from the screens is harmful to your eyes and for mental health also. Some physical and mental related problems that occur due to excessive screen time are as follows:

The Rise and Rise of Social Media Influencers

Only a few short years ago the very term ‘influencer’ was considered strictly industry-speak, a way of identifying individuals who could leverage their platforms to promote a message for a brand or business. These days the term is common knowledge, on par with the word ‘celebrity’ as a byword for fame, success, and power.

So-called ‘influencer marketing’ is now a cornerstone of any serious company’s PR strategy, as people have woke up to the new reality that an Instagram post or YouTube video can have many times more impact than a TV advert.

Influencers are a reflection not just of changing technological habits, but also of a new culture, one where our role models and public figures are expected to be more accessible and available than ever. Let’s break down the rise of the influencer, what the current media landscape looks like, and what we can expect to change in the future. 

The Five Types of Apps That Every Successful Man Has On Their Phone

The path to success isn’t determined by what you do, but who you are. The habits of highly successful people are well-documented and relentlessly poured over by those hoping to hit the big-time, in life, but being a high-flyer takes more than just getting up at 4am or consuming a high-protein diet.

You can tell a lot about a person by seeing what apps they have on their smartphone. Their apps let you know what they’re interested in, what they value, and how they organize their time. Here are the five types of apps that every successful man has on their phone. 

How to Start Recording Better Travel Video Footage

As you’re probably aware there are lots of challenges with trying to record good video footage while you’re traveling. The unpredictable (and often less than ideal) conditions can and will get in your way.

That is why it is important that you take what steps you can to help ensure you are able to record the best possible travel video footage that you can:

Bring Your Fashion Brand to Life with an Online E-Commerce Platform

Have you always been a fan of fashion or are you hoping to bring your dreams of becoming a professional designer to life?  If so, there are many retail possibilities to consider. While in-person sales and attending trade seminars are certainly worthwhile options at your disposal, why not leverage the power of modern ecommerce software?  Let’s take a quick look at why a growing number of budding designers are choosing the online community to better promote their products and services.  What are some of the main advantages associated with this method and are there any cloud-based platforms which will provide you with all of the tools that you need within a centralised package?  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn the answers.

Membrane Keypads: Description, Advantages, and Uses

Modern-day gadgets and electronics always include some type of control or keypad for managing functions. While there are several kinds of keyboards, the two most commonly used are mechanical keypads and membrane keypads. Membrane keyboards are often seen in many medical devices. But apart from their application in the medical field, here is a closer look at the features of a membrane keypad and why it may be right for your intended use.

Tips for Preparing for a Photography Class

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will learn a lot if you join photography classes. They can be through workshops, crash courses or formal diplomas. Any of these options would be fine as long as you need the information and you will grow as a photographer.

Once you have enrolled and your classes are about to start, you might feel a bit anxious. You have been out of school for a while. You also don’t know who your classmates will be. You will think of this whole process as a competition against others who are also trying to learn just like you. These are some tips to help you do well in a photography class.

Phone Data Recovery After a Factory Reset

There are a number of issues which can be effectively addressed by reputable data recovery companies. These experts are equipped to tackle complicated problems such as damaged hard drives, incorrect formatting and accidentally deleted files. However, can you restore the data on your phone after a factory reset has taken place? This is an important question, so let’s take a quick look at your options as well as the chances that any important information is able to be restored.