The games that are known as online slots are loud, flashy and fun to play at the casino. With their bright themes and large potential jackpots they are the ideal way to chip at your bankroll, that being said there are a few tips to help overcome the house edge.

1. Don’t be Dazzled by Big Jackpots

While we all picture mountains of coins pouring onto our laps from a huge jackpot win, this dream is highly unlikely to be a reality for many. The truth is, slot machines with big money prizes pay out less often than those with smaller jackpots.

2. Better Your Chances, Bet Big

Most casino slot machines, whether progressive or not will only pay out when the maximum wager is bet. A wise person therefore, would always bet the maximum wager regardless of machine.

3. Know Your Game

Get to know your game before you start, or better still research the numbers attached to it beforehand. It’s best to familiarise yourself with your chosen slot machine so that you understand the most efficient combinations to make the most winnings.

4. Money Management

Before you start your slot machine session it’s always best to set yourself a lose limit and a win limit. The lose limit or bankroll is your total spending allowance, the amount your happy to lose. Your winning limit should be double your money. Once you’ve reached that winning limit walk away.

5. Do Your Research

One of the few concrete sets of data available on slot machines is their pay-out percentages. It is always a good idea to check out those figures before choosing a slot machine to play. Keep in mind, however, the figures are calculated over millions of spins and may not truly reflect your limited play time experience and may not also work on new slots.

6. Check Out the Slot Machines Pay Tables

Every slot game will have a pay table, in most games they’re found in the help or settings section. In person, they’re displayed on the machines in most cases. Between different sites, there’s a possibility that the numbers like RTP and variance can be altered, especially with illegitimate online casinos. You’ll find that games with a lower variance or higher minimum stake have bigger prizes on the pay-table.