As the time goes by more and more eager visitors returned from Slovakia with tales of wildest parties imaginable. One thing that primarily makes Bratislava stand out from its counterparts is the sheer representation of all attractions that hide within this party hub that go with its low cost at the end.

That said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many bachelor crews decide to spend their wildest nights before the big wedding day in Bratislava for their stag do weekend. Let’s take a look at how this Slavic paradise never ceased to amaze us with its compatibility and the beauty found nowhere else in the world.

Budapest and Prague have real competition to battle

How it came to be that next to the famous Prague and always charming Budapest we have a Bratislava stag do phenomenon that is on the rise? Primarily the focus might be on the compatibility that this city can offer.

Slovakian capital proves as a perfect destination for anyone who wants to feel all the bits that one city can offer. Its alluring architecture represented in pristine condition will capture your attention as soon as you arrive, leaving you with little doubt about the turbulent history this region undoubtedly had.

Prepare to fill your camera with amazing sites and needless to say that you will have the opportunity to drink and dine in one of many breathtaking buildings from the last couple of centuries that are transformed in some of the Europes most reviewed restaurants. The famous UFO tower restaurant that overlooks the city can be just the perfect place to have the first meal and consolidate plans for further bachelor adventure.

Segway tours proved to be one of the tourist’s favorites once they arrive, not only that they are fun and engaging but they also prove to be the best way to get to know the city in such compact surrounding. There will always be various guided tours throughout the city at your disposal so chose the right way for your party to get to know the “Slavic princess” as good as you can since you don’t want to miss this opportunity and whine about it once you start going back home. Bratislava has some of the lowest drink prices in all of EU!

The greatest level of bachelor hype with the lowest cost possible

Everywhere you turn your neck you will be greeted with an abundance of pubs and bars to chose from to suit your buddies taste. Live music starts bashing everywhere as the sun goes down, creating the euphoric feeling that will be out of greatest importance for the real bachelor hype that is going to happen within Bratislava clubbing circles.

It may come as a surprise to you that Slovakian capital is one of the fastest growing disco scenes in all of Europe. Everywhere from the city center to the cities outskirts, you will have clubs that range with different styles to chose for your liking. They are above all affordable and unique in their interior and overall representation.

Those who want to dance until the afternoon the next day to the latest dancing hits will have the best time since there are so many great clubs where DJ sets allure youngsters to flock inside every weekend. For all that is worth, one thing is very important to note before you decide to come and spend your bachelor hype here.

That will be the eventual cost that this trip will demand from you. Needless to say, Bratislava is budget travelers heaven! But you will have no trouble finding luxurious sports to relax and put your Stag do a weekend on an even greater scale.

Maybe book the VIP tickets for some of those nice clubs? Or invite hired strippers to join your buddies with all that enthusiasm? The possibilities are virtually limitless… Bratislava awaits for your pals.

In conclusion:

Finding the better place in Europe to lose your mind before the big wedding day with such entertainment possibilities that come along with such low cost can be a real challenge. Bratislava serves a great purpose for all budget travel bachelor crews who want to experience the Europian party hype to the fullest and spend the night in the company of the most beautiful ladies. There must be a great reason why so many of bachelor parties returned satisfied back home, and you are about to find it for yourself!