When organizing a bachelorette party there is usually a long list of requirements that need a huge amount of thinking about before one even thinks about putting their fingers on to the keyboard to bring up their best friend – Google. Every bachelorette party will be different, often determined by a budget which will on most occasions not please everyone. There are plenty of options around but for a really unique experience, how about hiring a party bus?

For those living in New Jersey or New York there are literally hundreds of affordable options for party bus rental NJ, two of the biggest party buses in the US reside in NJ, so it is a good option to consider when planning a larger bachelorette party. So what do they offer? How many passengers will they carry? Why consider a party bus rental NJ?

What does a party bus offer?

What don’t they offer would be a better question! Ambient lighting from fiber optic lights will create an atmosphere unrivalled by anything else. TV screens that span the length of the bus will provide a movie or play music videos, whatever you fancy. A stocked bar will appeal to the group who prefers to party hard, meaning there is no reason to even have to step off the bus to queue for a drink. While those who prefer a more private and intimate bachelorette party could perhaps have a pyjama party while travelling the city in style, sipping champagne and listening to music as the world passes them by. Whatever your style a party bus could be your perfect choice.

How many passengers will they carry?

Carrying up to 50 passengers the Ford F750 is the largest party bus available in the US while the Hummer Transformer can take up to 30 people. With this amount of people a party bus can not only give a really unique experience for bachelorettes but it can be an affordable option for those who may not ever get the opportunity to do this sort of thing again.

Why consider a party bus rental?

Although we have covered the main benefits of a party bus rental, how about the thought of creating a unique set of memories for you and your friends to share for all time. There will be no strange guys at the bar, no need to flag down a taxi at the end of the night as you will be dropped off wherever you like and no need to worry about you and your friends safety either. Drivers are fully licenced and a party bus rental is one of the safest ways of traveling around a busy city in style, so what are you waiting for? Create a new set of memories in exclusive style!