If you love the holidays because of the decadent foods and drinks that are typically served up this time of year, you might have trouble practicing self discipline. Just one eight-ounce glass of rum infused eggnog contains more than 400 calories. Hot chocolate is almost as fattening, especially when you add on the whipped cream and marshmallows. If you want to make it through the holiday season without going up a dress size, check out these delectable drinks that are both festive and fun. Try this classic lemon drop recipe and you won’t feel guilty when you fill up your glass for a second round. There’s also the Absolut spiced pear mojito that has a hint of cinnamon and other wintery flavors that will have you asking for more.


Lemons and Peppermint

Consider all of the flavors that remind you of snowfalls and roaring fires. There’s chocolate and peppermint, ginger and cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla. Mix them all up in a drink and you’ll feel like the life of the party. Here is a recipe that combines the delicious aroma of fresh lemons with a hint of peppermint that will enable you to keep your calorie count low. Get a bottle of Triple Sec and Absolut Vodka and combine them with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Add a sprig of fresh peppermint on top and you will enjoy the cool and refreshing flavors of winter.

Cinnamon and Pears

Spiced pears make a memorable scent of the holiday season and now they can also be served up in a glass. If you’re a fan of mojitos you can get all of the minty goodness that you’re expecting along with an unmistakable winter themed flare. Grab some ice, add in a general scoop of mint leaves, apple juice, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, and Absolut Pears Vodka. Use a shaker to mix the ingredients together, strain out the mint leaves and enjoy over a crushed ice filled glass.

Hint of Vanilla

Vanilla is actually one of the essential ingredients you’ll find in holiday pies and desserts of all kinds. From sugar cookies to warm apple pie, a small amount of vanilla can fill up your entire home with holiday cheer – so why not include vanilla in your holiday themed drinks? Brew some vanilla chai tea and set it to the side to cool. Whip out a bottle of pure vanilla extract and add a few drops to your tea. Pour in a few ounces of Absolute Vodka and drizzle with honey. Now you have a fresh pitcher of vanilla goodness that will keep the party moving.

Holiday themed drinks don’t have to be heavy, fattening or calorie rich to be delicious. Instead, get creative and stick to ingredients that have a lot of flavor. Vanilla, peppermint, and cinnamon are all great holiday themed flavors that can help to make your drinks more indulgent. Always drink responsibly and have a designated driver on hand if you’ll be making the rounds while you enjoy these exciting and festive holiday drinks.