Sports massage treatments are really unique in the sense that they are more intense than the techniques used for regular massages. It is not just about placing oil on your body and lathering it around. Sports massage specifically targets certain pressure points and muscle groups which require attention. Therefore, athletes will really benefit the most from using reputable therapists. Here are some more reasons why a sports massage is more beneficial for athletes than other types of massage.  

It alleviates muscle tension

During the process, any tender or overworked muscles are targeted. You won’t feel pain, although there may be some degree of initial discomfort, the process will help your muscles begin to relax. The intensity of massage therapy required to make the muscles relax is greater than normal because constant training and competing can actually lead to hard and knotted muscles. Massaggi sports massage in London says that, sometimes, quite a lot of work is required to alleviate the condition and release the muscle fibres. You could also feel soreness for a few days after the massage, but it is good pain (as they say!) because it signals the recovery of the tired or injured muscles.

It helps speed up recovery

Tough workouts or intense competition can lead to injuries in any sport or physical activity. This is normal, especially if you are really passionate about what you are doing. Studies have shown that regular sports massage therapy can help decrease the onset of muscle soreness by about 30%. It can also help prevent muscle injuries if the athlete receives a massage before to competing in an event. It helps ensure that the muscles are properly stretched and warmed up prior to participation  

It helps increase range of motion

Flexibility and agility are important characteristics of any sport. If you have tight shoulders, joints or hips, it could be a big problem and could limit your range of motion, and ultimately your physical performance. Sports massage helps relax stiff muscles, stretching them out and releasing the individual muscle fibres which in turn allows greater movement. Tight muscles and tendons bind up your joints and limit your movement. Sports massage will give you a greater range of motion and also help prevent your muscles from bunching up so quickly, therefore increasing your stamina also.

It is relaxing

The idea that you are getting an intense massage that focuses on pressure points might not really excite you. If anything, you might start feeling worried that you will suffer more pain because of the intensity of the sports massage therapy. The truth is that sports massage can actually make you feel good, although there may be a little discomfort at times during the process. Besides, it is still just like any other type of massage where you are secluded from everything else. You will listen to relaxing music and you won’t have anything to worry about. You will certainly feel better overall after the massage session and will experience improved athletic performance in the days following your sports massage.

Being an athlete can put extreme much pressure on your body, and especially muscles, and sports massage is a good way to just let go of your stress and worries, and let your muscles recover, too.

If you’re an athlete, either professional or amateur, or simply a weekend workout warrior, you should try and get a sports massage at least once or twice a week. You should also make sure that you schedule the massage 3-4 days before any important sporting event, just to give your muscles the time to recover and be at their best.

You can easily schedule a sports massage in London. You can even make online reservations and book an appointment. You may also get a home service if it is more convenient to fit into your busy schedule.