Some boot styles never go out of fashion. Add to this the happy fact that a well-made pair of boots can last a lifetime, and it goes to show why every woman should at least a couple pair of classic boots.

Bodacious boot styles to fill your closet

Stacked booties are a must-have for every woman. If you can afford just two pairs, go for one in black and one in brown. That way, you can mix and match with virtually any outfit. Should your bank account allow, add stacked booties in a rainbow of colors to your collection. Be sure to choose booties with a thick, solid heel for added comfort.

Chunky, clunky moto boots add industrial style to any ensemble. Stomp around town, or dance the night away in moto boots by Doc Martin or Yves St Laurent. Be sure the moto boots you take home have heavy duty hardware that won’t fall off the first time you take them on the dancefloor, advises Stylecaster magazine. Pair with boot socks by BCS Boutique for all-day comfort and flair.

Dress booties are ankle-high wonders you can’t do without. This fashion staple may not be right for extended afternoon strolls, but they’re perfect for occasions that don’t require a lot of walking. For special boots like these, you can go wild with color, even if that color works with only one or two of your favorite outfits. Choose skinny stiletto heels, open toes, or any other fanciful feature that makes you smile.

More classic boots to love

Girly-girl stiletto heels may not be for everyone, but the women who love wearing them say they wouldn’t do Saturday night without ‘em. Somewhat more conservative than dress booties, stiletto ankle-high boots rock like nobody’s business. Be sure to try them on and strut around the shoe store, to ensure the heels are a viable height for you.

For chillier autumn weather, opt for cowboy boots or cowgirl-style short boots. Either pair perfectly with skinny jeans, leggings, skirts, or whatever other fall fashion suits your fancy, suggests Huffington Post. Western-inspired boots are not for every occasion, but when they work, they work wonderfully. Look for colorful leather appliques that make cowgirl boots fancy enough to wear nearly everywhere.

Caring for your classic leather boots

To take the best care of your cowhide leather boots, remove dust and dirt after each wearing. Wipe with a slightly damp cloth, then apply a thin coat of leather conditioner. Don’t apply too much, as it will clog the natural pores of the skin. For water protection, a couple of light coats of silicone spray ought to do the trick. Be sure you check directions before using to ensure the spray is safe to use on natural leather.

Take care of them right, and your favorite pair of classic boots can stand you in good stead for a lifetime. Show your personal sense of style in always fashionable boots.