By just hearing the word “Ageing” people have many many questions in their mind and are a bit worried concerning to it. As we grow older there are many changes on the biological level and on the physical level too. Ageing is a totally different experience and differs from individual to individual. Some take ageing in a positive way and some in a negative way (worrying about many things). People who take ageing in a positive way enjoy the time when ageing hits them.

In ageing, one common thing which is amongst majorities of older adult Americans is they have disturbed sleep cycle. Sleep patterns changes as we turn old like a younger person who loves to sleep till 11 am will wake up at 7 am. People have a problem in sleeping and hard time to fall asleep but the change in sleep patterns are part of the normal ageing process.

Exactly what keeps seniors awake?

As we grow old we hit “sleep-architecture” said by experts, this is nothing but the changes in sleep patterns which contribute to sleep problems. Sleep is divided into multistage including dreamless light and deep sleep and with active REM cycle (dreaming cycle). Over a period these cycles keep repeating at night and we complete our sleep. In the younger stage, we spend most of the time in REM cycle results in deep sleep but in older adults, they are in light sleep for most of times results in waking early in the morning.

Due to the change in sleep patterns, older adults sleep early in the evening and wakes up in the morning. Some people are in the misconception that older people sleep less as they wake up early but the fact is they still require 7-8 hours sleep but the cycle is pushed little earlier.

Factors affecting the sleep pattern in ageing

There are many things associated with which changes sleep pattern and are as follows

  • In older age, body ache, headache, joint pain, muscle pain starts which is also one of the reason
  • Change in metabolic activities
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Change in food, spicy junk food get replaced with rich nutrients food
  • Sleeping on not so good mattress with steady bed frames

We feel that the change in sleep pattern is because of age but the fact is, it also depends on what you sleep. As we enter into ageing our body needs proper caring and comfort for the relaxation of muscles. The comforting body also gives the best peaceful sleep by using good company premium memory foam mattress and using adjustable bed frames rather than using traditional steady bed frames.

Nectar mattresses are premium memory foam which is designed with 5 layer technology, each layer serving one or the other benefits. The first layer is Tencel cooling cover which circulates air and wick helps maintaining bed cool which is most required in ageing. The second and third layer is quilted gel memory foam which lofts the body and helps in increased air circulation and evenly distributes the body weight all over. The benefit of using nectar mattress is it works with any base like box spring, divan bases, adjustable base etc. One more added important feature is it is designed with dust-mite protection, so be relaxed for the dust mites.

Nectar adjustable bed frames add to comfort level to the extremely another level. Nectar adjustable bed frames help you to elevate the bedroom experience and adjust bedroom according to individual needs. Nectar adjustable bed frames are loaded with technology and have features like Three zone massage, TV recline setting, Zero gravity setting, USB plugs for charging, wireless remote and many more. Three-zone massage allows users to relax and to take massage while sleeping, reading a book or watching TV. TV recline setting is to adjust bed in a way which is perfectly comfortable for the body while watching TV. Handy USB plugs assure that you don’t have to come out of bed for laptop or mobile charging. Nectar mattress and adjustable bed frames have 365-nights trials which were never before in the industry.


Yes! Ageing does affect the change in sleep patterns but there are solutions to overcome the sleeping challenges. Ageing is just the beautiful side for everyone, so welcome it with a positive attitude and take the privilege to be someone’s grandpa with loads of knowledge, care and love. In ageing, the body requires extra care than ever, so do take care of it, stay mindful and use BetterHelp for guidance, which might help. Give maximum comfort level to the body by using premium memory foam, bed frames which serve best in the ageing.