Dinner and a movie? Not a bad idea, but depending on what’s going on in your town, it might sound more like Mom and Dad’s date night. When teens first start dating, it might be better to encourage something more fun and interactive, that helps you get to know one another a little better. Most of all, we want something that’s interactive enough to cut down on any awkward moments. That’s why we’ve come up with six great ideas for fun first dates.

  1. Escape rooms.

Why not flex your problem solving skills and feed your sense of adventure at an Escape Room? Escape rooms invite you to solve puzzles and riddles which allow you to eventually escape from the themed room you’re in. Couples will learn to work together and put their smarts on display while having a thrilling, rewarding experience.

  1. Making dinner together.

Dates for young people that involve learning and demonstrating life skills are always a win-win. Making dinner together at home is a good, affordable activity that can provide a little more one-on-one time than a crowded restaurant or recreation area. It’s also a good first date when parents are wary of letting their child leave the home with someone they don’t know well.

Just be sure to give the teen couple some space. Don’t hover or hang out in the kitchen with them constantly.

  1. Board games.

In the same vein, where we aren’t familiar with the new person, we can host a board game night at home. Depending on what game you choose, they can easily eliminate awkward silences, while letting us learn more about who we’re playing with. Not to mention, finding out someone is a really sore loser tells you a lot.

  1. Roller rinks, arcades, and bowling alleys.

Public spaces with lots of activity are great for young couples. They provide atmosphere, socialization, and opportunities to have fun together. And in the event the date doesn’t go especially well, you’ll still have something else to enjoy.

  1. Concerts.

With a big crowd and loud music, this date can become the most memorable on this list, especially if it’s a favorite artist of theirs. It can also be a great bonding experience. It doesn’t require forcing conversation (in fact, it discourages it) and they can both have fun even if they feel like there won’t be subsequent dates.

  1. Taking the family dog to the dog park.

If the kids are low on money and are really rather averse to the idea of a traditional date, the dog park is perfect. It’s an informal way to hang out, with few expectations other than meeting a lot of cute pets. Plus, taking the dog for a walk is one more chore off of the list.

It’s healthy for teens to date, and even beneficial. It teaches them how to set boundaries and enforce them, while refining their communication skills. Dating can also help teens become more discerning about their morals, who they are, and what they want in life. But while they’re young, let them have fun. It’s all possible with first dates that suit their socialization style.