Are you excited for the upcoming summer? A lot of awesome things are waiting for us girls, and one of them is buying some new hot bikinis! If you like fashion and the smell of new clothes, you will be happy to read about some awesome trends when it comes to beachwear this year. There are several swimwear trends predicted to be quite big in 2019!

Flounce bikini is a good choice for just everything

Whatever body shape and attributes you are gifted with, you cannot make a mistake with a flounce bikini. There are gorgeous ones that come in two pieces, with the top being the one that is a bit extravagant. There are also amazing one-piece swimsuits that have this head-turning embellishment as well. This is what you can wear even before you get that perfect dark tan you desire so bad. They look gorgeous on everyone and in every color.

What about plus size bikinis?

If you need a nice-looking plus size bikini that makes your body pop as best as possible, you have many options to choose from. There are beautiful classic ones in lovely colors and those that are colorful with flower and other kinds of prints. You also have one-piece swimsuit options that look really nice on curvaceous ladies. If you want to cover some skin, you can go for nice long cover-ups as well. Lastly, you can show off your tempting curves by wearing sexy two-piece swimsuits.  

Animal print is always what you need

Whether you like the skin of a leopard or the white and black zebra style, it is always a good choice to buy a bikini with an animal print. Different prints work for different complexions, so look through your options and try to find something that you feel attractive wearing. The possibilities are endless with so many different designs and types of prints.  

Crinkle fabric bikini is quite a hit this year

Another very popular swimwear this year will be bikinis with crinkle fabric. No matter if they come in one piece or two, they look really good on ladies of all ages. There are many pictures of models in this type of bikini, and they are just ravishing. It is a must for all girls who are passionate about fashion. Even the ones that come in one color (for example, black or dark red) are dazzling.

Retro is so fashionable even in 2019

Retro textured swimsuits are very stylish this year as well, especially a mixture of the ‘90s and ‘70s. We see them on models and admire how beautiful they look. It is also cute when they come with that belt that goes over the belly. Dots on one-colored bikinis look adorable. You can buy them in two pieces or one, depending on what you find you feel better in.

Yellow bikini goes well with a darker tan

Once you already have that gorgeous caramel or chocolate complexion, you will also need a bright yellow swimsuit to show it all off. This is a perfect combination! Everyone’s jaw will drop when they see you looking hot and tanned in a bright shade of yellow. Any bright color will work – for example, pink, green or a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Buying new swimsuits is a very exciting activity, and it is even better when you know about all the trends. Hopefully, this summer will be magical for you, especially if you buy some of these items of clothing. You will look so stunning and people will find you absolutely irresistible.