You are not the only one who likes to stay snug in the blanket for a little longer or have another cup of coffee or hot chocolate instead of heading out for a workout. This is one of the reasons why we tend to gain weight in the winters. Although it gets a little harder as the temperature drops, you can always do something to avoid giving away all the hard work you put in earlier.

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How to Workout in Winter

  • Dress appropriately

The cold will bear heavy on you if you don’t dress properly. One of the simplest and the best tips for a winter workout is to dress in layers, which you can keep on or remove as per your body temperature. Get a hat or a hoodie to keep your chest and head warm. Get gloves too if needed. Avoid getting wet and carry a towel to take care of the sweat. 

  • Be smart with your workout

With the wind getting colder and with all the air pollution these days, it is hardly prudent to workout outdoors. Attend low-intensity classes at gyms or fitness studios near you if you haven’t worked out for a while. You can go for high-intensity workouts like HIIT classes too if you like. Just remember to dress properly, especially after heading back after the workout.

  • Warm-up

Warming up before a workout is essential regardless of the season. However, it shouldn’t be avoided in winters because there’s a high chance of muscle injuries. Warm-ups increase your body temperature and blood flow, which reduces the risk of injuries.  Always start slowly and increase the intensity gradually.

  • Think basics

Trainers and experts suggest that winter is the best time to start from square one once again. This helps in changing your techniques and forms of workouts to improve your routine. You can use the wintertime to keep your weight in check or gain some if needed. Winter allows you to take things slowly, reassess your abilities and realize how far you have come.

  • Stay Hydrated

It is common to not feel thirsty during the winter. However, the body still needs enough water, especially when working out. Even though the temperature is lower, you still lose fluids and need to replenish them. Plus, winters mean more dryness, which is why you ought to sip water between exercises.

Take care of your skin, remove layers as you feel hot, and focus on breathing and you will do alright no matter how cold it gets.


There’s no reason why you cannot workout when it gets cold. Find out how you can workout as well in summers with these 5 winter workout tips.

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