If you have a plane to catch and you are short of time, then you need to choose your transport to the airport very carefully. Depending on the time you have and your budget for transport your commute time can be as high as 2 hours to as little as 9 minutes. Yup, you heard that right. There is a way to reach JFK from Manhattan in less than 10 minutes. Following are 5 ways to reach JFK from Manhattan arranged from the slowest to the fastest commute time.

Subway Trains: Contrary to popular belief, trains are the slowest transport mode to reach JFK. With a ticket costing less than $10, they definitely offer the most value. However, a subway ride to JFK takes almost 2 hours from start to finish. Even though trains do not have to deal with New York’s infamous traffic, there is no direct train that takes you from Manhattan to Terminal 1 station (JFK). This means you need to switch trains multiple times. If you plan on taking the subway you need to make your way to the nearest subway station. Once you are there you need to head over to either Howard Beach station to catch the green-line AirTrain or Jamaica Station to be on the red-line route to the airport. Waiting in long ticket queues also takes valuable minutes that add to the overall commute time.

Airport Shuttles: You can book airport shuttles online, which is slightly faster than taking the subway. However, valuable time is wasted as other passengers are picked up from their pickup points and dropped off in their respective destinations. Unless you book the entire shuttle, which is expensive and impractical, you are looking at a travel time of little over an hour.

NY Yellow Cabs: The iconic yellow cabs of New York do a pretty decent job of getting people to airports on time. Experienced cabbies are also well aware of what streets to avoid during peak traffic hours. However, the commute time is heavily dependent on the driver’s navigation skills and the traffic conditions. It’s not uncommon for taxi rides from Manhattan to JFK to take over one and a half hour. However, under normal circumstances, the distance is usually covered in little less than an hour.

Renting a Private Car: While cabs are great, you waste precious minutes trying to hail them off the streets. Taxi refusals are also not uncommon and thus finding a ride can sometimes take a frustratingly long time. This does not happen when you rent a private car via your hotel or independently. These cars reach the pickup point just when you are ready to leave and take you directly to the airport. Renting a private car helps you to shave 5 to 10 minutes off your travel time that would otherwise go into finding a cab.

Airport Helicopter Transfer: Airport helicopter transfer in New York is increasingly growing in popularity. With the entry of budget players, the cost of hiring a chopper has gone down considerably. Flights leave every hour from different helipads located in the city. A typical helicopter transfer takes less than 10 minutes from the time the chopper takes off.