Getting your nails done is the ultimate pampering session. And while putting on some polish at home can be a quick fix, getting a real manicure done will feel completely different, and if you need reasons to get it done, here are just a few:

Healthy hands and nails

A manicure is a lot more than just putting on nail polish. The first step is cleaning and shaping: the beautician will clean your nails thoroughly from any previous coats that were on there and shape your nails to grow straight and long. After you pick your color and you’re done with the beauty part, they’ll apply oil to the cuticles, making them soft and strong – especially important for cuticle/nail biters! They will also put on hand cream and massage your entire hand, improving circulation and hydrating your skin. When you step outside, you will feel like you can be a hand model and you won’t want to stop holding your own hand. The base coat applied under the polish will help feed and nourish your nails, while the top coat will protect them from breaking.

Me time

There’s nothing like visiting a spa to make yourself feel like you are worth a million bucks. It’s amazing “me” time that you deserve, and no matter the stress and chaos going on in your life, getting your nails done at a salon will always make you feel better. No matter where in the world you are, whether you’re in a nail salon in Hong Kong or in LA, you will feel amazing. It’s also akin to therapy, as you’re very likely to overshare with your beautician while getting your treatment. And if you’re getting it together with one of your besties – now it’s a party. If you make getting manicures a habit (and you really should), you’ll start looking forward to your sessions knowing that it’s a time just for you to relax and unwind.

Feel empowered

You know how sometimes you just put on a good pair of heels and all of a sudden, you’re walking with your head higher? Or you put on red lipstick and you feel like you can take over the world? Well, having your nails done can have the exact same effect. You will feel more put-together and like you can take over the world. Even more important – having plain, jagged nails will make you feel like you aren’t really ready for anything, and you might worry what someone is going to assume about you. But if you get a manicure – especially one that will last a bit longer – you can be sure you’ll be feeling great every day of the year.

Protection from outside conditions

If it’s cold where you live and your nails are exposed to wind, rain and snow, or even if you just have them in water often, like while washing dishes, working as a hairdresser or swimming daily – your nails are going to suffer. Having a manicure will help protect them from all of those factors by wrapping them in a tight protective layer from all sides. Your nails will grow stronger and they won’t break or warp.

Do something good for you

Most women are givers – we only care about others around us being happy, even if it means we put ourselves last. But those days are over, and you know you deserve to do something nice for yourself. Book a manicure, doll yourself up to go there and enjoy it. Besides all the benefits you’ll get from it, you’ll feel better just knowing you did something nice for yourself.

If you still think there’s a reason you should skip your manicure this month – there isn’t one. There are so many different styles and colors to try, and you should go out there and enjoy an hour or two in a relaxing setting – you’ve got nothing to lose.