When it comes to make up, there’s lots of ways to reduce the time you take to apply it or find ways to perfect the latest look.

Here then are some make up hacks which you can try today to enhance your natural beauty and save you time so you can go out even earlier and look super glamorous.

Luscious lips

To have the most kissable lips in town, add a little peppermint oil to your lip gloss. It will instantly give your mouth a slightly plumper look and the smell will keep you feeling awake and refreshed. Cinnamon oil works just as well. To make them really stand out, dab a tiny amount of lip balm on the very top of your lip; it will accentuate the natural line of the mouth.

Gorgeous eyes

Putting on eyeliner often isn’t easy. Line the edge of an eyelash curler with the liner and press to curl the upper lashes as normal. When removed, you’ll not only have stunning lashes but also perfectly placed liner. A white eyeliner will really make your eyes look bright – no matter how tired you are.

Want the perfect mascara line? Place a business card above the upper lashes and under the lower lashes – the brush will coat exactly where is needed as you stroke up or down.

Great-looking skin

If you’ve accidentally bought foundation which is a shade or so too dark, add a little moisturiser. Just a small amount will lighten it for you.

If you are too tired to wash make-up from your face at the end of a night on the tiles, keep a packet of beauty wipes by the bed. You can use them in seconds and then catch up on beauty sleep.

Sleep on two pillows rather than one as it helps to drain excess fluid from the face and in turn reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Quick nails

To create instant nail art, paint your nails with the first colour, allow to dry and cover with the cut end of a sticking plaster. You’ll need the breathable type with the holes in. Place over the nail and use your second shade. Leave to dry and gently remove plaster – instant polka dot designer nails!

To get the trendy matte nail look, don’t splash out on another bottle of polish. Add a little cornflour to your favourite shade, give the bottle a shake and you’ll create a bottle of fashionable matte polish at virtually no cost.

Lovely locks

To add extra, instant thickness to your mane, add a little eyeshadow with a soft brush to your roots. Obviously you’ll need to find a shade which complements your natural colouring!

If you have tiny flyaway hairs when you put your hair up and they make your hairline look messy, tame them by spraying hairspray onto a toothbrush and use the brush to move the straggling tresses off the edge of your face.

A further clever use for hairspray is to coat hair grips in it and then put them in place and style as normal. The lacquer will stop them slipping which means you won’t have to keep popping to the mirror to adjust.