Innovative, crowded, expensive, royal, cosmopolitan, historically rich, lively are some of the many words that are used to describe London. London has a unique vibe, which easily catches your attention and filmmakers across the globe are no exceptions. The city has always been the first choice as a film setting or as a filming location for many of them.

The best part is that you can see what makes London so popular by staying at boutique 4 star hotels near Hyde Park, such as The Westbourne Hyde Park, not only for a comfortable stay but also to be in close proximity to the most iconic locations of the city. London has always played a dominant role in the British media and a large number of British films have been set in London. Here are five famous movies set in this city.

5 Movies with London as the Backdrop

  1. Notting Hill: A light hearted romantic comedy film released in May 1999, the plot of Notting Hill was set in the actual Notting Hill, which is one of the multi-cultural hot spots of London. Directed by Roger Michell and produced byDuncan Kenworthy, the movie starred Julia Roberts, who played a successful movie star, and Hugh Grant, who played her love interest and owned a book shop on Portobello Road, one of the best looking area in London. The movie is an epic when it comes to love stories. There are various boutique hotels near Hyde Park, which proudly mention Notting Hill as the closest landmark.
  2. Wonderland: Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Wonderland is a movie that revolves around the lives of a couple living in London, along with their three adult daughters, Nadia, Debby and Molly, who are lonely Londoners, muddling along with their unfulfilling jobs. The director has put the residents of London under the microscope, while showcasing how they are looking for happiness.
  3. Sherlock Holmes: Witnessing the amazing performance by Robert Downey Jr as the eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes, the movie is based on the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the same name. Sherlock Holmes is accompanied by Dr. John Watson, played by Jude Law, to solve a mystery involving supernatural powers. This superhit movie was shot in and around London, along with Manchester and Liverpool.
  4. Bend it Like Beckham: Directed byGurinder Chadha, Bend it Like Beckham is a gentle comedy about two 18-year-old girls, played by Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley, who aspire to become professional football players and are coached by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. However, things are little difficult for Parminder’s character, who need to rebel against her orthodox Sikh family to fulfill her dreams. Using Hounslow for the suburban backdrop, the director has beautifully captured London’s cultural diversity.
  5. The Prestige: The story of two stage magicians, Robert Angier played by Hugh Jackman and Alfred played by Christian Bale, who in an attempt to create the ultimate stage illusion, engage in competitive one-upmanship, The Prestige is a mystery thriller directed by Christopher Nolan. Interestingly, the director skillfully shot his London-based movie in California!

When exploring the filming locations in the city, begin with Notting Hill. You’ll find numerous affordable 4 star hotels in this location of London.