Now is the best time to book your holiday ahead of the busy Mediterranean season, and those choosing a bare-boat or crewed luxury yacht charter have a distinct advantage over sightseers sticking to the land: Transport and accommodation are sorted at the same time, both of which are designed around you and your group. Bareboat and crewed yachts offer an entirely different experience – yet which of the two options is the better for your group?

There are some excellent advantages to choosing a crewed luxury yacht charter over hiring a bare-boat yacht for cruising in the Mediterranean this summer; read on and see how many of these five appeal to you.

  • Less time navigating means more time to yourself

The idea of a being the captain of your own vessel can be a dream come true, however if you are chartering during the region’s busiest period, are unfamiliar with the area and have an ambitious itinerary in mind, your stress-free holiday can quickly become overwhelming.

Crewed luxury yacht charters allow you more time to spend on yourself and with friends and family, getting to use the on board facilities and unwinding with hobbies. Leave it to your captain to worry about port fees, mooring and preparing the route to your next location while you explore on land or in the water.

  • Your captain knows the best spots in the region – try something new!

Experienced captains who have had time to get to know a region can take you to the best beaches to suit your desires, whether its’s good breezes for kite surfing or soft sandy beaches and crystal clear water to play with the children.

The most knowledgeable captains will also be aware of local regattas and festivals to add some excitement to your holiday and ensure that each day is as memorable as the last.

  • Crewed yachts are often better maintained

You want to spend your time thinking ‘where next?’ not ‘where is that smell coming from?’

Luxury yacht owners who have a permanent crew are often more serious about their investment and guests on board are therefore far more likely to get a higher level of cleanliness, better maintenance of on board systems and the latest technology.

  • The crew often have additional skills

Luxury yacht owners dedicate a lot of time putting together crews with the right skills to ensure that charter guests have a fantastic time on board. Oftentimes the individuals have qualifications to enhance your own experience, from Scuba dive instructors and jet ski instructors to massage therapists, beauticians and fitness instructors.

A holiday on a crewed yacht therefore offers more than simply time off from cooking for the family; it’s the chance to learn something new and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

  • Plenty of water toys

Owners see luxury yacht charters as an asset and as such the water toys are often collections that they would use themselves or are broad enough to appeal to multiple audiences, covering families with young children to adrenaline seekers looking for novelties.

Jet skis and water skis are common toys on luxury yacht charters, and many superyachts come with Scuba diving gear and instructors. Devote your holiday to learning a new lifelong skill and use immediately to see another side of your holiday destinations – something you can’t do on a bareboat charter.

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