Sweet sixteen and a new car go hand in hand. It’s very common for a girl to get a new ride. She just got her license so she needs something to drive. Not everyone has a budget that allows such an extravagant gift. What are other gifts will leave her excited that don’t involve keys? Let’s take a look.


Diamonds are a great gift, they are a girl’s best friend, you know. There are a few different options for this gift. You can choose earrings, a necklace, or a ring. Bracelets are an option too, however diamond bracelets aren’t as popular in younger girls.

For earrings, try a nice pair of solitaire diamonds. You may be tempted to buy earrings that dangle, but that isn’t the most practical style for someone younger. Solitaire earrings can be worn everyday.

A nice diamond pendant is a good gift for her. You can choose a cross, heart, or a trendy style. This piece can be inexpensive and still be a great gift.

A cute ring, could be the way to go though. She can wear it everyday, with just about any outfit, and it can also be a keepsake. The design you choose could be a cute butterfly shape, sweetheart, or a classic cluster of diamonds.


A vacation is an exciting gift that you can enjoy with her or as a family. The price of this can widely vary also. You can opt for a tropical island, Paris, or a drivable destination. There are only a few years left before she becomes an adult and leaves the nest. Choose this as a gift of memories that will last a lifetime.

Designer Bag

Cars, diamonds, and a vacation can be on the more expensive side. Don’t worry, there is another type of gift that she will love and that she can show off. Designer handbags and clothing are always a winning gift.

Whether you choose clothes or a handbag depends upon what she wants and your budget. Some bags are expensive, and you can get many outfits for that price, however she may want a bag that is very affordable. A pro of a nice bag, is that it can be worn multiple times, with many different clothes. The downside to clothing is that it can only be worn a few times, and not daily like the bag.

These three options can be great on any budget. Whether you choose diamonds, a trip, or designer clothes, is based on what she likes and her personality. She may value memories more than material gifts. On the other hand, she may want a material gift that she can keep for a lifetime. No matter what gift you choose, she is sure to love it.