There is a set age requirement for drinking alcohol. Engaging in the brew is deemed illegal if you are not of age. This threat has long been in the books and meant to keep teenagers away from alcohol consumption. Even so, it is widespread to hear teenagers hosting parties and taking part in the use of the brew in large quantities. Hollywood and pop culture too is not making things any easier. With the continual portrayal of heavy drinking lifestyle, you continually get the notion that it is a reasonable thing to do.

However, there are severe threats to the consumption of alcohol. It becomes even worse when you consume alcohol as a teenager. Mainly, this is because the growing body of a teenager reacts more seriously compared to that of an adult. The risks of physical and emotional damage are way higher. But that is just the dose of it. Here are some reasons why you should avoid alcohol in any way possible.

Cause of Death

There are some ways alcohol can lead to death. Once you consume alcohol, you get a false sense of invincibility. You end up thinking that you cannot get hurt and engage in risky behavior. Driving as well when drunk leads to the death of about 4000 teens every year. Homicides and suicides are also rampant with drunk teenagers.

Body Impairment

As a teenager, you are still in your growing phase. When you consume alcohol, your brain and body’s growth patterns are disrupted affecting your mental and physical development. Teenagers who drink alcohol have a high memory impairment than those who do not. You stand a chance of getting severe health conditions and diseases later on in life.

Poor School Performance

At this stage, missing classes to consume alcohol may seem like normality. It becomes harder to study due to the reduced concentration. Studying becomes harder when under the influence or on a hungover. Expect your school performance to deteriorate rapidly. Consuming the brew puts you at higher risks of dropping out of high school.


By starting to consume alcohol at a young age, your chances of growing into an addict are very high. Becoming an alcoholic addict is a menace you do not want to bring to your life. It interferes with your normal life activates leading to problems with your health, physical relationships, and lifestyle.

Impaired Judgment

Once you drink alcohol, your judgment becomes impaired. At this time you are more likely to regret any decisions you make afterward. People can take advantage of you and get you to commit a crime. Other than that, you re at high risk of getting raped or assaulted.
Drinking alcohol may look like a good experience. However, the adverse effects overshadow the small pleasures. The best option as a teen is to stay away from alcohol. If you are not planning on total abstinence, at least wait until you are of age to start drinking alcohol. Only when you are an adult can you make the right decisions since you are well aware of the consequences that follow. You can learn more about the effects of alcohol from various web sources.