The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning a wedding is no small undertaking – you need to buy engagement ring, find a photographer – it can quickly become a stressful experience. But with a little bit of help, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you keep your cool and have a plan in place, planning your dream wedding can be loads of fun!

Time for a Data Detox?

On average we spend over 2 hours per day using the internet on our mobile phones, according to Statista. Whether you spend this time on social media, shopping or researching you will be triggering cookies and sharing your data detox. But as of 2017 new GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation) helped to strengthen data protection laws in the UK and Europe. Part of this update in the law means that any individual can contact a company and ask for access to the data they hold on them and request it be deleted.

The Benefits of JOMO – Including Why Online Bingo Could Be Ideal For It

We have all had those moments when it feels like our friends, family or colleagues are talking about a certain thing that we did not experience. You might have missed a big party, or you may even have turned off the TV show that everyone is talking about at work. Alternatively, it might just seem like you have not been up to as much as the people you follow on social media.