When summer gets closer, we are all ready to overhaul our closets and create a capsule summer wardrobe that will make us look and feel great all season long. Some styles remain classic throughout the years, but others tend to dip in and out of style, so let’s take a look at the biggest trends of the summer of 2019:

Naked sandals

Wondering what those are? They’re as close as you’re going to get to being barefoot – without being barefoot. Naked sandals are basically those that completely expose the top of your foot, making it look like you’re wearing nothing at all, but giving you a heel. They come in two varieties: strappy and clear. For the first group, the straps are very thin and there aren’t a lot of them, so most of your foot is looking at the sky. They aren’t the most secure thing to walk in, so you might not want to wear them for exploring the cobbled streets of Rome. The latter are a trend where your foot is being held in place by a thick, clear strap, which can be more or less invisible according to the brand. These definitely have a bit of a futuristic look to them, so pairing them with a modern look is perfect.

Cherry, cherry

You won’t be seeing your favorite summer treat just on your plate – cherries will be everywhere. The print is completely taking over this summer and it’s no wonder why: they look cute as hell, they can be both subtle and in-your-face and they are easily worn as a detail, or as a full outfit. If you want to just incorporate a small detail, pay homage to the cherries we all wore as earrings when we were kids and get some cherry jewelry, or buy some subtle cherry badges, bags and other small accessories.


Let’s talk about the staple summer piece of clothing without which we wouldn’t be able to survive summer: skirts. This summer, we’re going back to breezy, flowy maxi skirts. They are not only a great way to avoid hair removal if you’re worried about that, but they’re also the one piece where you never have to worry about whether it’s appropriate for the workplace or a windy day. They are also a great way to celebrate some other trends of the summer, like the above-mentioned cherry print. When you have more surface to work with, every print can be better showcased and actually look more tamed. One of the season’s trends is bold, bright colors, such as neon yellow – which actually looks much less bold and aggressive when it’s spread out on a larger surface than if it were on a mini skirt.


Fringes have been around for a while, but this is the first time that summer pieces have taken it to a whole new level. We’ve seen fringed jackets and scarves, but how about a bikini with a fringe all over the straps? Or a co-ord where both the crop top and shirts have a fringe? If you want a more inconspicuous way to incorporate them into your outfit, you can get them on a swimsuit cover-up or towel, and for an everyday look, on a skirt with a fringed hem.

Bike shorts

Oh you thought that these are just for riding bikes and wearing under skirts so your thighs don’t chafe? Actually, no, they are a full-rights clothing item, and people are out to prove it. Sure, you can style bike shorts with a longer top or a hoodie for a casual after-gym look, but why would you – when you have actual faux leather bike shorts that will not only make your bottom look bomb, but certainly turn heads when paired with a fun-pattern button-up shirt or a professional blazer with some platform heels. These are a great, professional look when you feel like wearing shorts to work, and just about the best thing to wear when running errands and it’s too hot for leggings. You can also use them to safeguard an item that you’re not really sure is a tunic or a dress.

No matter what your style is, you should always try on a few of the season’s trends, even if it’s just in the changing room to see if you like it and whether it will make your collection!