Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the aesthetics rather than the functionality. This usually entails making your teeth more symmetrical and whiter. Cosmetic dentistry also fixes specific dental problems such as unusually large gaps between two teeth and hyperdontia (extra teeth). While improving the smile of the patient is the primary focus sometimes these cosmetic dental treatments do end up improving functionality.

There are no shortages of cosmetic dental specialists in London. Clinics often have flexible payment options and some even offer a free consultation. It’s highly advisable to find a local cosmetic dentist as some of these procedures demand several repeat consultations. For example, if you live in south-east London, it makes sense to find a Sidcup based dentist specialising in cosmetic dental procedures.

The result of good cosmetic dental procedures is often so natural that it’s almost impossible to tell if someone had undergone cosmetic dental treatment or not. In fact, we bet you had no clue about these celebrities who have undergone major cosmetic dental procedures. This should help you garner the courage to go for a consultation.

Morgan Freeman: Even with his uneven teeth, Morgan always had a winning and heartwarming smile. He opted for a cosmetic dental treatment late in his career and he is looking better for it.

Matthew Lewis: Matthew Lewis’s dental transformation is rather drastic and a famous one at that. He was suffering from all kinds of cosmetic dental problems right from tooth crowding, misalignment, and yellowing of teeth. He now sports full veneers and thanks to that Neville Longbottom is looking hot as ever.

Victoria Beckham: Compared to all other celebrities on our list, Victoria had relatively fewer dental problems. This fashion and style icon had uneven gaps between her teeth and was suffering from misalignment. She had her teeth straightened and whitened to achieve that perfect celebrity smile.

Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise is the poster child of celebrities with amazing smiles. The actor has perfectly aligned white teeth. However, his winning smile is definitely not god given. The actor underwent several cosmetic procedures to correct several dental issues. The actor had severely misaligned teeth. He wore transparent braces with ceramic bracketing to correct the problem. The actor also got a set of full porcelain veneers.

Catherine Zeta Jones: Catherine is probably the most beautiful celebrities on Earth and her smile can win hearts in an instant. She admitted that she got braces when she was young to straighten her teeth as they used to “stick out a bit”. She also underwent teeth whitening procedures as many celebrities do.

Nicolas Cage: With calming eyes and a wide smile, Nick’s famous smile is endearing, to say the least. Legend has it that the actor removed his two teeth to better understand his role of playing a mentally conflicted Vietnam veteran in the 1984 movie Birdy. However, the actor did undergo several cosmetic procedures to straighten his teeth later and now has porcelain veneers.

Jim Carrey: Jim Carrey was always known for his goofy laugh. While his facial expressions are funny, he does have a set of perfect celebrity teeth. The actor does not have dental implants but he does have a cap to correct his chipped incisor.

Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus went from being a cute teenage celebrity to a sexy fashion icon. Back when she was playing Hannah Montana, the celebrity she had misaligned teeth, which to be honest, was part of her teenage charm. As she transformed, she underwent dental procedures to straighten and whiten her teeth.

Celine Dion: Celine Dion decided to get cosmetic dental procedures just when she was starting to get famous back in the 1990s. Among other procedures she had her teeth shortened and whitened.

Zac Efron:  Zac Efron’s claim to fame was his role in Disney’s High School Musical. While his nearly perfect look was undeniable, back then the teenager was suffering from a problem cosmetic dentist like to call diastema. In layman’s terms, he had an unusual gap between the two upper incisors. To fix the problem Zac underwent a diastema closure procedure. Like many other celebrities, he also got his teeth whitened.