Morning GossipYouth! Perhaps this article is a bit tongue-in-cheek as it’s a little bit closer to home than most would like to admit. Of course, we have all encountered the male bravado at its’ best, the impenetrable, omnipotent ego that can do anything and fix anything. However, having recently watched my husband lose his battle with the gas cooker, I suppose I thought writing about it would help me vent, and be able to help others through what is a period of pretence consoling for their partner and actually finding someone who can fix it without creating more of a mess.

Having spent a sufficient amount of time agreeing with my husband that this was the gas cookers’ fault and not his, he eventually conceded and agreed that we needed to find a specialist (someone who only knew how to do it because it was his life’s mission rather than just a ‘better’ male specimen). So we flicked through the yellow pages and after several unanswered phone calls or crazy quotes, decided to turn to Facebook for help. I had recently joined a few local groups of mums who were more than happy to share their advice, and I was pointed in the direction of a London branch called ‘Maintenance Doctor’ who specialised, in Property Maintenance in and around London. While I’m typically not a fan of these article shout-outs, their timely response and brilliant way they explained to my husband that it definitely was the gas cookers fault and of course nothing to do with his inabilities, deserved the most honourable of mentions.

Within about 45 minutes, my gas cooker was back to doing what it does best again and a reasonable fee later and the engineer was gone. Now while I am remiss in knowing that I will more than likely be back here again the next time something breaks, it is definitely peace of mind knowing that there are a few firms out there who understand that the male ego is more fragile than it looks, but can actually complete the job without ‘spare parts’ left over or kicking the machinery a few times to see ‘if it fixes itself.’