Why You Should Choose a Party Bus for Your Prom

Choose a Party Bus for the ultimate prom experience

Going to your prom is a once in a lifetime experience and you want every aspect to be incredibly memorable. As well as the fantastic gown, the glittering shoes and the event which stretches ahead of you on your special day, you want the ultimate transport to be able to travel in style and to arrive looking fantastic.

One way to really turn heads is to gather all your best friends and hire one huge limousine. Party bus rental NJ with Bergen Limo is a fantastic solution and it’s the perfect choice in many ways.

Be a head turner

Many prom-goers choose a traditional limousine to transport them to the venue. Whilst this is a luxurious way to travel, there will be lots of others with the same idea. You’ll want to stand out from the crowd and by renting the party bus for your day or night, you’ll certainly do that. Heads will turn as the Hummer Transformer with gull-wing doors glides effortlessly to the entrance.

Enjoy the ride with your closest friends

During your years at school you will nurture lifelong friendships. The prom is the perfect way to celebrate this closeness and with the party bus you can invite just about everyone you know as it can seat up to 30 people and still have lots of space to party.

A party bus has the ultimate seating with full leather and plush cushioning. There’s lots of legroom which means that dresses and suits won’t crease and with the layout being around the edge of the vehicle, you can all face each other to chat about the event without having to look over your shoulder to those seated behind.

Amazing onboard entertainment and technology

The party bus offers entertainment like no other limousine. The most advanced technology means a top of the range sound system, fibreoptics in an array of colours, a laser light show and even a disco. With the digital capability of the music, you can either ask your chauffeur to choose the tracks or you can pop a USB in as you board to have all your favourite tunes playing.

Great way to split the cost

Many are under the misapprehension that a limousine has to be expensive. This really isn’t the case – especially when there’s a group travelling in a party bus. Choosing such a unique option not only guarantees that you’ll have the most memorable entry to the venue of all your year, there’s every chance that you’ll have paid the same or even less per person than a smaller and more classically-styled limousine. This is because you’re dividing across more people and if you talk to the hire company about the fact it’s for your prom, you’ll probably get a pleasant surprise as many have special offers for celebratory events.

If you decide that the party bus is for you, book well in advance of your prom date. It’s an incredibly desirable vehicle and you really don’t want to find out that it’s already been reserved by someone else. Talk to your friends today and plan to take a trip to see one in the near future; you’ll be amazed by what you see and will soon be talking to the hire company team about a reservation.


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